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This is situated a quick walk east of Sanctuary. You"ll visit this place by triggering the sidequest "Returning the Favor" . The opponents here room raiders and also molerats though they respawn end time. The item seem come respawn after sometime so make certain to revisit the after a while.Notable Loots/ clues of Interest:- Armor workbench outside.- Has more raiders inside, including a named raider (Ack-ack) equipped with a minigun in the basement.- There"s also a combination core in the device area too. Look because that the generator in the basement that the area. It need to be automatically visible close to the middle of the room.

- one-of-a-kind Weapon: Junkie"s pipe Rifle (Unlock the Novice door behind the toolbox include the locket then kill one of the huge radroaches there)

Also, in the Novice locked room behind the toolbox, you can get the Intel Room vital from the tool case. You deserve to now unlock the locked Intel Room in the floor above.


Intel Room: has actually Nuka-Colas, Mini Nuke, weapons, ammo, and also a Novice for sure in the edge of the room.Book: US hidden Operations Manual: In the Intel Room table, next to the mini-nuke.
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