The mechanism storage seemed to take it you a lot of of space so I used this software program which gives you a visual depiction that the dimension of documents on her Mac (big documents are large squares and so on) and turns out these 4 documents in system have randomly inflated, that wasn't favor this a couple of months ago. Is it safe to delete these documents they're in some folder referred to as dyld. If not then what execute I carry out to clear the device storage since I really require the an are rn for part applications.

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Is it safe to delete this 4 documents in the folder referred to as dyld (/System/Library/dyld/)?

Short answer

No, in huge Sur it's not safe come delete them (from the screenshot in your question, I watch you are on big Sur).

Long answer

In ahead macOS versions (at least in macOS 10.15 Catalina, indigenous first-hand experience), these records were situated in /var/db/dyld/ and could it is in recreated with this command (see for example Trying to pressure update_dyld_shared_cache however having some errors):

sudo update_dyld_shared_cache -root / -forcebut update_dyld_shared_cache is deprecated in big Sur (running the command has as just output This tool is deprecated.).

Furthermore, the documents in /System/Library/dyld/ no much longer seem to be cache files in the sense that they store commonly used shared libraries (from guy update_dyld_shared_cache):

When loading , dyld will first check if is in the share cache, and if that is will use that pre-bound version instead of opening, mapping, and binding the initial file. This outcomes in far-ranging performance renovations to beginning time.

Instead, in big Sur, the cache records contain most that the macOS libraries.

Let me expand on this: the contents of /var/db/dyld/ (Catalina and also earlier macOS versions) and /System/Library/dyld/ (Big Sur) are basically the same. They both save pairs the files: a text map file (with a .map extension) and also a binary common cache document (without extension), because that example:

dyld_shared_cache_x86_64h.mapdyld_shared_cache_x86_64hThe text map paper contains information around the common cache file, and also looks like this:

mapping EX 1331MB 0x7FFF20000000 -> 0x7FFF73398000mapping RW 224MB 0x7FFF80000000 -> 0x7FFF8E0C6000mapping RO 432MB 0x7FFFC0000000 -> 0x7FFFDB0E0000/Library/Apple/System/Library/Accounts/Notification/CloudBookmarksAccountsNotifier.bundle/Contents/MacOS/CloudBookmarksAccountsNotifier __TEXT 0x7FFF20040000 -> 0x7FFF20042000 __DATA 0x7FFF81B6B108 -> 0x7FFF81B6B8F0 __LINKEDIT 0x7FFFC05C0000 -> 0x7FFFD8A4A538/System/Library/AccessibilityBundles/AXSpeechImplementation.bundle/Versions/A/AXSpeechImplementation __TEXT 0x7FFF20042000 -> 0x7FFF20048000 __DATA 0x7FFF81B6B8F0 -> 0x7FFF81B6CF70 __LINKEDIT 0x7FFFC05C0000 -> 0x7FFFD8A4A538/System/Library/Accounts/Access/CloudKitAccessPlugin.bundle/Contents/MacOS/CloudKitAccessPlugin __TEXT 0x7FFF20048000 -> 0x7FFF2004C000 __DATA 0x7FFF81B6CF70 -> 0x7FFF81B6D840 __LINKEDIT 0x7FFFC05C0000 -> 0x7FFFD8A4A538(...)The style of the map record (which is the same in large Sur) is pretty straighforward:

It has a 3-line headerIt has several thousands of entries, one because that every document included in the shared cache file, that specify where appropriate sections of the specified shared library deserve to be discovered in the common cache file

Prior to large Sur, all shared libraries listed in the map record (that's 1809 in Catalina) were likewise located in the record system.

In large Sur, most are not. In fact, in big Sur 11.2.3, only 12 the end of 1956 of the noted libraries deserve to be uncovered in the document system:

(for file in $(grep / /System/Library/dyld/; do ls $file; done) 2>&1 | grep "No such paper or directory" | wc -l1944grep / /System/Library/dyld/ | wc -l1956That's most more than likely the factor why the cache files were relocated from /var/db/dyld come a SIP-protected folder, namely /System: to do it clear the you shouldn't mess approximately with them.

If girlfriend delete the shared cache documents in /System/Library/dyld/, I'm afraid your mechanism won't have the ability to boot or run.

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