United High nine Grade High college is a publicly schoolin Laredo, Texas that is component of unified Independent institution District. Itserves 0 studentsin Not stated .Its teachers have had 2 jobs funded ~ above tastecraftedmcd.com.

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Contact unified High ninth Grade High SchoolContact info is sourced native the National facility for education and learning Statistics (NCES) yearly survey process, therefore apologies if it"s out of date!(956) 473-24002811 Hillcroft DrLaredo, TX 78045
of college student receive cost-free or reduced price lunchWe obtain data around students" economic need native the National facility for education Statistics (NCES) based upon the free or lessened Price lunch scale. Find out more.
of its college student body are Black, Latinx, NativeAmerican, or AsianNumbers might not add up to 100 due to NCES inspection limitations.

Schools in districts that mostly serve students of shade receive substantially less state andlocal support than comparable districts the serve generally white students. Learn more about this gap, why the exists, and also how youcan assist close it.

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United High ninth Grade High School has received assistance from9 individuals indigenous Texas and3 people out-of-state.

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