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This is a worksheet designed to introduce students to making simple unit conversions. There is an example that gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up and solve a unit conversion. By mastering this concept, students can go on to use this to set up metric conversions. This will help with the
This lesson consists of providing you with a Self-Tutorial of the basic units used in measurement. These are the ones I discuss: Units of Time, Units of Length (Metric and U.S.), Units of Area (Metric and U.S.), Units of Volume (Metric and U.S.), Units of Mass (Metric and U.S.), Units of Liquid Cap

10 Algebra 1 Review Questions that go with the movie, Moana.Topics Include-Finding the zeros of a Quadratic Equation-Exponential Decay-Range-Systems of Equations-Finding the Maximum of a Quadratic Equation-Unit Conversion-Solving Equations-Sequences-Translations of a Quadratic Equation
Greetings!Here are two worksheets I constructed to compliment the measurement and data segment of the fourth/fifth grade common core math curriculum. This can be used to help extend and enrich student understanding of unit conversions. Students are taught and encouraged to use this worksheet
I used this activity in my Pre-Algebra class. Students trace a partner on butcher-block paper. Students then had to measure different limbs of the body (each arm, each leg, torso, head, shoulder span). The students then convert those measurements to different customary units and metric units of leng
Rates, Ratios, and ProportionsThe content Rates, Ratios, and ProportionsStandards Essential QuestionHow can you use units to understand problems and guide the solution of proportions?Objectives Write and use ratios, rates, and unit rates.Write and solve proportions.Vocabulary ratio proportion rate c
PowerPoint presentation to introduce and practice Unit Conversion. Zip file includes the presentation in .ppt and .pdf versions, as well as answer key.An associated instructional video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIDlCWVu-qQ.
Handwritten notes I made for my IB students:- Number Sets- Approximation/Error- Standard Form- SI Units- Currency Conversion- GDC Use- Sequences- Compound Interest
Are your students struggling with unit conversions? Try this color coordinated formula to help the students visually see where the units should be placed to cancel out.
Extra practice converting between units and converting rates. Students are given an initial measurement and must convert it into the units requested.
Hey there! Need some pre-written teacher notes, pacing and assessment review for this school year? I've compiled notes on Intro to Trigonometry, based loosely off of Springboard's Algebra II textbook. The topics included in these notes are: degrees, radians, coordinate points, and unit circle.If des
As your student travels between four made-up countries to save her aunt from being wrongfully accused of spitting on the sidewalk, she must convert her country's currency to each new country's currency that she visits. She is walked through the step-by-step instructions, then she must make a map sho
This "Free" resource is an exit ticket to be used after teaching Lesson 5-1 (Measurement Conversions) for Unit 5. I hope this product in my Unit 5 on Ratios and Proportions works well for you and your students and saves you valuable personal time. This activity supports VA SOL 7.3. If you liked this
This is a real-world scenario that I was faced with when travelling from the US to Canada. This opens up great conversation and opportunities to integrate technology while having to apply math. The students can not simply google an answer. It forces them to think through the scenario.
This math lesson covers ratios, proportions, and unit conversions. It also covers percentages and scientific notation. All of these topics are tested on the ACT, the SAT, and throughout algebra-based math courses. The lesson contains definitions with examples, graphs and figures, general steps to so
Center based Algebra 2 lesson. The concepts included are graphing real numbers,unit analysis, matching properties, conversions, simplifying expressions, combining like terms, and solving basic equations. Includes 6 centers and answer key. This would also work in interactive notebooks using the 6
Through data given student selects the appropriate operation to solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of rational numbers, ratios, proportions, including the appropriate application of the algebraic order of operations. It is very helpful to be a graded activi
This trick for converting units with the metric system will blow your mind. You will not be disappointed. My students loved this. I like to refer to it as "The McMichael Method".
This Real World Rates Involving Conversions resource is a complete lesson aligned to 6th grade Math Common Core standard 6.RP.A.3.d that hits on using conversions as rates. This lesson builds on students' knowledge of ratios and unit rates and allows them to use ratio relationships to solve conversi
This lesson plan integrates 6th grade Math and Social Studies, and it allows the students to perform conversions surrounding the heights of famous landforms as well as population densities of specific cities based upon a map scale. The teacher could modify the TEKS in order to better fit a current u

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