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Operating under quick Retailing, the 4th largest apparel retailer in the world, provides both us and an international opportunities! v promotionperiods every 3-6 months, we give the possibility for our employees to prosper as quick as ours business. In ~, we run under a Zen-en-keieiphilosophy, meaning everyone acts as a service owner. We depend on every team member to help reach ours dream of coming to be the #1 apparel retailerin the world!

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A Talk with Masamichi Katayama founder of the interior-design firm Wonderwall, is the leader that his trade in Japan today and also issought after by an ever–increasing number of international clients. His functions are always modern, however never cold. With his Japanese fist todetail, he seems to intuit the method that a shopper can naturally great to relocate inside a store, and his interiors thus feel acquainted andwelcoming from your very an initial visit. He has actually designed all 3 of"s Manhattan locations.

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Katayama–san, when you"ve agreed to work-related with a client, what is the following step for you in making an interior for them?

First the all, I examine the brand: The enthusiasm they had actually when they started, their history, how they have actually evolved, your present–day positioning, their future vision, and also so forth. I try to learn as much as possible. Then ns brainstorm the design concept while considering the project"s intent and also the blog post they want to deliver through the store. Website visits commonly come later. At the site, I generally observe the visibility of the save from the street and the foot–traffic circulation of the neighborhood.

What are your primary comes to when developing an interior?

My target is to create a keep that communicates the brand"s philosophy. So my answer would be different for every project since each customer has a distinctive story. Also, I always pay attention to form, color, and details, which need to be fresh every time.

What space some keywords because that the feel you"ve used in your job-related with

I think"s aesthetic is not about adding ~ above embellishments, but homing in ~ above its principles and foundations.

And what space the crucial traits of the endure that you"d choose to offer a visitor to a store?

Yanai–san frequently talks about “parts and also completed products.” clothing are the parts, and those components are completed as soon as customers undertake them."s technique is to show those components in a organized way; my hope is the each client will gain their own process of selecting what they like from the range of merchandising.

How has actually your working suffer with remained in general?

Working v is a dynamic and daunting experience, and I evaluate that lock are open to interlocutor ideas? if those ideas meet your goals. For the new store on fifth Avenue, they welcomed my idea of creating a dynamic three–story–high ceiling for the floor floor. This location is one of the many luxurious retail areas in brand-new York, and also I think many companies would certainly feel the must maximize the selling space. Yet accepted my idea because they construed the influence that the would produce on the interior. Ns think this shows how open-minded castle are.

Did you spend time looking in ~ the structures surrounding the an are for the 5th Avenue store in Manhattan?

Yes. Ns spoke through Yanai–san to know the placing of this store, and also then I went to the site as shortly as possible. If you take a look in ~ its surroundings, the area is filled v flagship places of the world"s most renowned brands. This is not only Manhattan but likewise a showcase come the world. Therefore, I considered how to express in a global retail scene, in a more comprehensive sense.

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What are some tasks that girlfriend haven"t worked on yet, yet would favor to?

field, yet I am likewise interested in developing schools and hospitals, public projects where interior style is not around commerce. My aim would certainly not be around designing a “cool looking” school or hospital, yet creating a place for heightening people"s minds- rooms that would encourage positivity.