Chrome is just one of my favorite Google products. Google got a couple of core, straightforward principles ideal in that is design, and instead of becoming bloated gradually like many software, Chrome continued to be svelte, secure, and very, an extremely fast. The doesn’t typical Chrome can’t be customized. There are countless add-ons in the Chrome net Store, plenty of of which work well without including bloat. Yet today I’d like to discuss a various sort the customization.

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Chrome is among my favourite Google products. Google got a few core, an easy principles best in the design, and also instead of becoming bloated in time like many software, Chrome stayed svelte, secure, and also very, very fast. That doesn’t typical Chrome can’t be customized. There are many add-ons in the Chrome internet Store, plenty of of which work-related well without adding bloat.

But this particular day I’d like to talk about a different sort the customization - a feature developed right right into Chrome letting you play through experimental, useful, and also potential stormy features and also changes come Chrome itself. It’s called Chrome://flags.

Careful, this Experiments may Bite

Those room Google’s words, no mine. As soon as you kind chrome://flags right into your Chrome resolve bar (or "omnibar" as some contact it), you will do it be greeted v this warning, and second paragraph of text that bears repeating here. Seriously, take it a moment to read this:

WARNING These experimental features might change, break, or disappear at any time. Us make certain no guarantees around what may take place if you turn one of these experiment on, and your web browser may also spontaneously combust. Joke aside, your browser may delete all your data, or her security and also privacy could be endangered in unforeseen ways. Any kind of experiments you permit will be permitted for all users of this browser. Please proceed with caution.

A side result of this security is that if you’re analysis this article a year (or also a month) after ~ it to be written, chances are you’ll have brand-new flags in chrome://flags which ns don’t have, and that some of the flags ns discuss below may not be obtainable in her setup.

customize google chrome
Right under the scary warning, you’ll watch a list of experimental "flags", or features you can allow in Chrome. Countless of them are rather technical-sounding and have to execute with Chrome’s innards in means that might not immediately be evident to the user, but they’re all very closely explained. Let’s look at a couple of of the more interesting ones easily accessible right now.

Action Box

This one is quite unhelpfully explained as "Enables the “Action Box" speculative toolbar UI”. When enabled, the bookmarking star on your omnibar go away, to be replaced with a add to symbol leading to a little menu of page actions:

customize chrome
The "Send this web page to her mobile device" functionality operated well as soon as I experiment it, soon popping up a food selection showing my Android tablet and phone. Through one much more click, I was able to send the web page to my phone – no bad! “Share this page” is somewhat less helpful for me, because it doesn’t include an alternative to email the page. Still, definitely an amazing change.

Add grouping To Tab context Menu

This one "adds items come the tab context food selection for group tabs". It usually adds a pair of useful entries come the tab context menu:

These allows you quickly select a group of tabs and also drag castle all together to a brand-new window. Top top a side note, girlfriend can choose multiple tabs also with no experimental flags enabled, simply by holding under the Control an essential and click them in order.

Smooth Scrolling

There space Chrome expansions that let you allow smooth scrolling (i.e, the very same kind Opera has had for ages), yet this experimental flag allows you do it without installing any kind of extension. It just worked, for me.

Enable Auto-Login

These days, many users are logged right into Chrome itself making use of their Google account. I don’t typical logged into a specific website, however into the browser application. This is since Chrome uses your Google account to synchronize bookmarks and also other settings throughout multiple browsers. Well, this setup lets Chrome usage this understanding (i.e, what’s her Google account) to market you a quick method to sign into any type of Google website as soon as using her browser:

customize google chrome
Of course, it only makes sense if you’re using Chrome on your own, permanent and secure computer. Still, it is a pretty touch.

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there Are an ext Where These came From

Due come the temporary nature of many of this flags, offering you with a considerable list no so useful. Many of these flags might be gone tomorrow for all we know. Yet one thing’s almost certain - Chrome://flags itself will certainly still it is in there, and would quiet let you reach under Chrome’s hood come play with the latest and also most exciting experiments. If you’re emotion brave, go examine it out, and share any kind of interesting settings you find in the comments!

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