Err:1 focal/universe amd64 tcl amd64 8.6.9+1 403 Forbidden Err:2 focal/universe amd64 tk amd64 8.6.9+1 403 Forbidden E: Failed come fetch 403 Forbidden E: Failed come fetch 403 Forbidden E: unable to fetch part archives, perhaps run apt-get update or shot with --fix-missing?P.S: I"ve currently tried update , update , upgrade --fix-missing commands. But nothing worked for me.

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Your aptlist of repositories seem to it is in corrupted in file /etc/apt/sources.list.The repository that you use is no the standard onefor Ubuntu.

To reclaim the source.list record to its initial value, view Ask Ubuntu forthe answers in the postHow perform I reclaim the default repositories?

This command recreates the file after removing it:

sudo touch /etc/apt/sources.listThen open Software & Updates and also restore the repositories.

For information around the layout of this file, watch the articleRepositories/CommandLine.


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