Expected:Blocking ads. uBlock origin, HTTPSEverywhere and Badger icons must be visible.

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Reality:Ads are not getting blocked. None of the uBlock origin, HTTPSEverywhere and Badger icons are visible.

Temporary solution:Disable and enable each of the above add-ons. Things becomes OK. The solution is not persistent across restart of Firefox.

Hello Abhishek_Barua i was having a similar issue after an update a few days ago i thought i was the only one experiencing the problem but if it’s universal it’s going to get fixed

There was an update release about 12 hrs ago am not sure if it solves the issue but if it does fix the bug I’ll update the thread

Yes it is having bug and we are making sure it won’t on next update.Why?

Firefox has new version which not only breaks pre-installed add-ons but whole default profiles.A member mentioned about http settings that breaks some add-ons

What is wrong here?

We still don’t know. We will create newer default profiles and improve as much as we can.

Who is having this problems? Maybe all users. I’m 3 kinds of users:

Fresh installation on laptop (new ssd) has completely broken addon.Full upgrade on PC has broken add-onFresh installation on PC (which i’m using) is working fine. I can’t not sure if it is still working after reboot

For now I’m going on the extensions section on Firefox and turning off and on all the extensions. By doing that everything seems to work at least for one session.

Hello, Firefox version 81.0 has been released for Parrot OS. For my part this problem still persists is it the same for you?


Yeah still the profiles haven’t been fixed let’s be patient for the time being am sure the dev team is woking on a patch

So this method might fix the problem

Open firefox, go to about:profilesSelect Restart with add-ons disabledOn new popup just keep choosing Restart firefoxUpdate: it doesn’t work after reboot lul

The bug happened when user changes theme (customize -> theme). We haven’t found any other activities that may cause this issue.

Hello, thank you for finding the reason as well as the solution for the bug !


I am suffer by this bug too. I did not change the theme or customize. I just install some addons.The ones I installed they are there, but the preinstalled ones dissapear and are not active.

If I delete them manually and reinstall the addons they works then as expected.

to remarkEven I create new profile, leave it as default and make some firefox restarts, the mentioned addons (ublock, https, badger) dissapear.


I did not change the theme or customize. I just install some addons.

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Thank you for your information. I’m sure there are users didn’t change themes as same as you. Unfortunately our test only showed the result as i commented. We haven’t found anything new on VM.We tested on rolling-testing distro which is having Firefox 81. Older version could have more bugs.

I found by installing the addons manually fixes the issue. I’ve been using the addons for 3 days without any issues