This fine cited quote come from legendary documentary Albert Maysles the uncovers a deep reality in the miscarriages of justice to society that tyranny creates.

Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance.

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We are still looking for the exact timing and location that the first time the quote is used but in the meantime Maysles lived from November 26, 1926 come his fatality in march 5, 2015. We’re starting there. 


Albert Maysles to be an without doubt legendary documentary filmmaker. Of the Mayselses brothers, he was probably the an ext articulate and thoughtful fo the legendary film brothers. Several of their most well-known films include the documentaries salesman (1969), Gimme shelter (1970) and Grey Gardens which to be released in 1975. With a lift of psychology, who pursued and also received his undergraduate degrees and masters in the field at Syracuse and also Boston university respectively, Albert to be deeply interested in the relationship between the mind and also art. 

Here Albert meant that tyranny was an effort to remove thoughtfulness, creativity, and also self expression from society (often through physical oppresssion) at the cost of orginality. Nuance is merely sublte distinctions in translate or expression and tyrnanny is almost uniformly obsessed with exactly that, uniformity. A related quote that fit the very same line of summary thought. 

 After being sent out to the Czeck republic, climate Czechoslovaki, to investigate an secret resistance document that protest the existing safety Christopher Hitchens made the promise: “I’m no going to do it. I’ll it is in the first journalist that visits there and also doesn’t point out Kafka.” 

After the police kicked in their meeting, moments after that beginning, the author asked the mystery police “what’s the charge?”

To this concern the an enig police laugh ostensibly and also then quipped “It’s Czechoslovaki….we don’t need to tell girlfriend what the fee is.” They climate threw that up against the wall as lock arrested the and, as he says, the from the moment he hit the wall he assumed to himself “Fuck. Ns am going to have actually to cite Kafka now.” 

Hitchens allude here is that it’s the they don’t care that their tyrannical approaches are boring or they absence nuance, lock use especially for that reason. This is specifically the allude that Albert Maysles is driving in ~ so succintly and quite beautifully in this quote.

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A similar line that reasoning have the right to be checked out by brothers author, novelist, essayist, memoirist, and author the The War against Cliche martin Amis who opined the the problem with a loss of identity isn’t the “anyone might do anything” yet that they “might execute any particular thing.” before beautifully opining “you need to stress the individual. Comments choose ‘no brainer’–don’t speak that.”