Hiphop music, also known as rap music, is a genre of popular music arisen in the United states by inner-city afri Americans and also Latino american in the Bronx borough of new York City in the 1970s.

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DJ Kool Herc, a Jamaican DJ, is attributed for officially originating i know well hop music with his “Back to institution Jam”, held on august 11, 1973, at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue.


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Miyetti Allah turns Anger To north Governors, Emirs Over strength Rotation Meeting


26 mins ago


September 30, 2021


Vincent Uju

The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore (MAKH) has accused the north Governors Forum and also emirs of not providing a hoot about the humiliations Fulani herdsmen were suffering in the Southern components of the nation over grazing areas.

Bauchi State chapter of MAKH berated the northern governors and emirs over their inability to deal with the plight the the Fulani herders at its recent meeting in Kaduna, stating the the governors were just concerned about where power will certainly be domiciled in 2023.

Chairman that the group, Alhaji Muhammad Hussaini, when addressing journalists in Bauchi top top Wednesday, expressed disappointed that north governors and emirs, as representatives of the people, can sit to discuss issues affect the region without recourse to the Fulani’s plight.

Hussaini said: “Northern governors are being lackadaisical towards the predicaments the the Fulani tribe in the country, especially the herders, who roam about searching for greener pasture for their animals in the southern components of the nation while gift humiliated, maimed and even killed, through their movements limited on your fatherland soil, contrary to the provisions of Nigerian Constitution.”

The MAKH chairman wonder why the governors and also emirs were only bothered around political concerns such as strength shifts between the country’s regions at the hinderance of the stays of their people.

He said, “Instead that the north governors showing issue to the forms of treatment on herders by the southerly governors, they just sit and also discuss issues of personal vendetta without termination to the civilization they governed.

“For this, we condemn in totality the northern Governors Forum meeting v emirs in attendance. Lock sit to comment on their self-aggrandisement motives, leveraging on means and means to enrich themselves at the hinderance of the people.”

Source: Naija News

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Microsoft teams lesson for you


28 mins ago


September 30, 2021


Vincent Uju

Microsoft teams Lesson:

People across the globe started functioning from house ever because the Covid-19 pandemic began last year.

While connectivity and also collaboration to be both a difficulty in the beginning, soon after tech companies stepped in to to fill in the void the was needed for teams to work-related seamlessly even as they sat miles across from each other.


Among them ws Microsoft Teams.


While ~ above one hand, these teamwork platforms raised connectivity, they likewise increased work exhaustion in many instances owing come the extreme time being invested on digital platforms.


So, right here we carry out a Microsoft Teams lesson that will help boost her productivity and get rid the the stress.


Microsoft teams Breakout Rooms

Microsoft Teams’ Breakout Rooms feature enables users to division the meeting into sub-groups come facilitate discussions and also brainstorming sessions.

The conference organiser can develop up come 50 breakout rooms and also choose to automatically or manually assign participants into rooms.

The organizer can additionally start a breakout room in a teams meeting or a groups channel meeting; i m sorry fosters higher flexibility.

Additionally, meeting organisers can choose to allow participants come come ago to the key meeting at any time and also then return to the assigned breakout room.

This way participants deserve to ask a clarifying inquiry without psychic the breakout room discussions.


Microsoft teams Together Mode

Microsoft Teams’ together Mode can turn any regular video call into a shared virtual environment in a way; the helps entrants feel as if they room in the same an are as others.

Instead the seeing every the users in a square or rectangular grid separately, while utilizing Microsoft Teams’ with each other Mode; participants see all the participants with each other in a virtual space.

Microsoft claims that Together setting is draft to develop a virtual live avatar of all members of the group and also negate their backgrounds.

Microsoft teams Live Reactions

Work from residence working format has also made it difficult for speaker to gauge publicly reaction; and also look because that non-verbal cues like smiles and head nods.

This provides it daunting for presenters come gauge audience reactions and also for attendees in large meetings to share a emotion without interrupting the meeting flow.

Microsoft Teams’ Live reaction feature permits participants; come react throughout a meeting making use of emojis that will appear to every participants.


Microsoft Teams video filters

Lastly, video filters. Video clip filters in Microsoft Teams are comparable to the ones offered in photography.

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Before joining a meeting, participants have the right to use the filters to subtly change lighting levels and also soften the emphasis of the camera come customise their appearance.