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Open the Twitter application on a mobile device, madness compose, madness the camera icon, insanity Live, and then insanity Go Live to begin streaming.After streaming, your stream is conserved as a video in her Tweet. Select the Tweet and also tap Edit transfer to modify the video.Delete the Tweet containing your video to delete the video.

This post explains just how to live stream on Twitter utilizing the iOS and also Android version of the Twitter app. Her followers and the general public have the right to see your broadcast if it"s in progress and also after via an on-demand Twitter video. Similar to live streaming ~ above Instagram, Twitter customers can communicate with live streams via keying a article in the chat or by utilizing a love emoji.

just how to start a transfer on Twitter

You have the right to start a live transfer from within the official Twitter app for iOS and also Android devices. A to move or Wi-Fi signal is required and your account must be public. If her Twitter account is collection to protected, you will certainly not have the ability to live stream.

If you have a lock symbol next to your username, go to Settings and also privacy > Privacy and also safety in ~ the Twitter app and change your account to public through disabling the Protect her tweets switch.


just how Are Twitter and Periscope Connected?

The Twitter live stream function is it is provided by Periscope, a separate company that's dedicated purely to broadcasting video. While the Periscope live video clip service is what provides streaming top top Twitter possible, the Periscope application isn't necessary to start a transfer from Twitter, so that does not have to be download onto her smart device. Every one of this connectivity happens behind the scenes and also is not something the median user requirements to issue about.

Periscope accounts are the same to Twitter accounts regardless of the different application name; complying with a user on one will follow lock on the other. Periscope live streams will likewise broadcast top top Twitter and vice versa.

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While the Periscope live stream application isn't essential to transfer from Twitter, it have the right to be beneficial for finding other live streams come watch because of its improved search and also discovery features.