from PIL import Imagepicture ="balloon.jpg")pixels = list(picture.getdata())for pixel in pixels: pixel<0> = pixel<0> + 20 picture.putdata(pixels)"new.bmp")However before I obtain this error: TypeError: "tuple" object does not support item assignment



PIL pixels are tuples, and also tuples are immutable. You have to construct a new tuple. So, rather of the for loop, do:

pixels = <(pixel<0> + 20, pixel<1>, pixel<2>) for pixel in pixels>picture.putdata(pixels)Also, if the pixel is already too red, adding 20 will certainly overcirculation the worth. You most likely want something choose min(pixel<0> + 20, 255) or int(255 * (pixel<0> / 255.) ** 0.9) rather of pixel<0> + 20.

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And, to have the ability to handle imeras in numerous different styles, carry out photo = picture.convert("RGB") after opening the image. The convert strategy will certainly encertain that the pixels are always (r, g, b) tuples.


The second line have to have actually been pixels<0>, through an S. You most likely have actually a tuple called pixel, and also tuples are immutable. Construct new pixels instead:

photo ="balloon.jpg")pixels = <(pix<0> + 20,) + pix<1:> for pix in image.getdata()>image.putdate(pixels)


Tuples, in python can"t have their values changed. If you"d prefer to readjust the consisted of worths though I indicate making use of a list:

<1,2,3> not (1,2,3)


A tuple is immutable and also for this reason you obtain the error you posted.

pixel = (pixel<0> + 20, pixel<1>, pixel<2>)
You have actually misspelt the second pixels as pixel. The complying with works:

pixels = <1,2,3>pixels<0> = 5It shows up that due to the typo you were trying to accidentally modify some tuple called pixel, and in Python tuples are immutable. Hence the confusing error message.

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