A flat and also firm ship tuck is quiet in the cards, even if you had multiple pregnancies or considerable weight fluctuations the left behind an unpleasant looking belly apron. This tight and also firm tummy could not it is in achievable with the aid of diets and also exercises; however, there is one effective solution to the problem and we call it a ship tuck surgical procedure in popular terms and also an abdominoplasty in medical jargon.

The abdominoplasty have the right to make the tummy level by removed the overfill of fat and skin from the level of the reduced abdomen, but additionally by strengthening and suturing together the abdominal muscles. After the surgery, patients can notice they have actually less stretchmarks (if castle were current on the lower part of the tummy – the excess skin that is eliminated during the surgery).

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The procedure is recommended for world bothered v a significant surplus of skin (and many often, fat too) on the tummy. Yet this is not sufficient to be an eligible candidate for the procedure, there are various other criteria come fulfill.

Assessing the eligibility because that the ship tuck surgery

Like it is often the case with plastic surgery, the patience finds out all the details of the procedure during the an initial consultation through the plastic surgeon. Typically speaking, the plastic surgeon will certainly take these components into consideration prior to indicating the ship tuck together a an ideal procedure in your specific case:

-You room in good health and emotional condition and you have actually realistic expectations from the procedure;

-You deserve to take time turn off from occupational for the recovery duration (about 2 weeks);

-You understand and accept the risks and potential complications connected with an treatment as complicated as the abdominoplasty;

-You nothing smoke or you are willing to quit because that at least a couple of weeks before and after the intervention;

-You don’t take medication that is contraindicated;

-You have skin crease on the inferior part of the tummy;

-You absence muscular tonus at the level that the tummy;

-Your self-esteem is influenced by the unaesthetic facet of the tummy.

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Only after ~ you recognize you space a an excellent candidate because that the abdominoplasty, you have to look into the pros and also cons of the intervention.

The pros of the tummy tuck surgery

A better contoured tummy

If a belly apron or a fat ship is make you feel miserable, then the tummy tuck is certainly a good option for you. A flat and also firm tummy deserve to make friend look year younger, and also it can likewise improve your self-esteem. Many patients talk about an boosted quality that life after undergoing this surgery. Lock are an ext interested in engaging with others top top the social field, and likewise their personal and experienced lives deserve to be improved. Finding garments that fit well is much less complicated after the belly apron is removed and the all at once aspect of the patient deserve to be very different because of this contouring that the tummy.


You’ll look far better in a swimsuit

If you always tell your youngsters that you don’t like water just because you desire to protect against showing her body in a swimsuit, you might advantage a lot of from undergoing a tummy tuck. And the really great news is that the tummy tuck scars room not also visible if you pick your swimsuit wisely! So, from now on you have the right to enjoy time at the beach or the pool with your family without worrying about your protruding tummy.

You’ll feeling better

Feeling an excellent is something the starts in our heads, not in the breasts or the tummy. However, looking in the mirror and also feeling proud and also satisfied v the watch can aid a good deal. However aside from the aesthetic element of the body that outcomes after the abdominoplasty intervention, us should likewise mention the useful part. Patients uncover it less complicated to relocate around, perform tasks that to be unpleasant or more difficult before. The distinction is even much more visible if the patient had actually a enormous skin fold that had actually to be removed throughout the procedure or if liposuction was connected with the abdominoplasty.

The defect of the ship tuck surgery

You will have actually a scar in the lower component of the tummy

Most often, the scar left behind after ~ the tummy tuck surgery have the right to be quickly masked with panties or a swimsuit. That is only as soon as the expanded tummy tuck was performed the patients might have a longer scar, more difficult to hide. To collection up exactly expectations native the procedure, the patients should recognize that the scars are much longer or shorter depending ~ above the lot of organization that has to be removed. Also, the scars become less visible through time, however they don’t disappear completely. Many patients consider this a little price to pay to get such fabulous results.

The results of the surgery have the right to be altered if a pregnant or weight get occurs

The results completed with the ship tuck are lengthy term or permanent just if the patience is cursed to following details recommendations. For example, obtaining weight ~ the surgery or obtaining pregnant can change the facet of the tummy when again and also alter the results accomplished with the abdominoplasty. The plastic surgeon will advise you to schedule your treatment only if you have no to plan to get pregnant in the future and also you room committed to maintaining a steady weight post-op.

You should take time off from work

The tummy tuck surgical treatment is a complicated intervention that have the right to redefine the overall aspect that the body, also if it addresses simply the abdominal muscle area. Yet this way that the recovery process is much more demanding contrasted to various other plastic surgery procedures, such together liposuction, for example. Patient should have the ability to take at the very least two weeks off from job-related to rest and also recover after undergoing the ship tuck.

Final words

Before considering the pros and cons of experience a ship tuck, you must make certain that you room an eligible candidate for the procedure. If you want a firmer, flatter tummy and a much better defined abdominal area, schedule a consultation v our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Essie Yates at the Yates Institute for Plastic surgical treatment in fort Lauderdale today.