Trident of the seas ibans staff u weapon melee. Ibans staff requires 50 magic and 50 strike to wield.

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First Time Ever Going To Kraken I Guess The Ironman Gods Liked Me


Loot From One Charged Trident Of The Seas 51 Chests 2007scape

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Full Hd Uncharged Trident Direct Downfill And Watch Online

Half price for 99 prayer cheaper than ensouled heads fastest 99s in osrs.


Osrs trident of the seas vs iban. Right now the strongest staff as soon as provided as a melee weapon surpassing the ancient staff and ibans staff and gives 17 magic defence. Dps is pretty much the same. Can organize up to 2500 charges.

The maximum hit through iban blast is 25 making it wonderful for low level player killing and also barrows. The trident of the seas or uncharged trident once uncharged is a powered staff requiring 75 magic to wield. Depends on your mage level really.

Its a lot easier to charge and usage. From what ive check out the trident isnt better dps over iban till your level 80 mage or so. 75 magic 15 has its very own constructed in spell requiring charges which expense 5 1 1 runes and also 10 coins per actors.

The trident is even more convenient. Abyssal whip dragon scimitar needs completion of monvital madness dragon dagger p weapon variety. Trident of the seas.

An uncharged trident is dropped by the normal cave krakens while the boss kraken can drop a totally charged trident. Trident of the swamp boosts max hit by 3 so would be substantially much better however even more expensive. Magic shortbow arrows dorgeshuun crossbow bone bolts.

The staff is derived by defeating the evil mage iban at the end of underground pass. The trident of the seas is a trident class magic weapon requiring 75 magic to wield. Counts as a zamorakian object in god wars.

An uncharged trident is dropped by the normal cave krakens while the boss kraken can drop a completely charged trident. They are obtained as a rare slayer task drop from cave krakens or krakens via level 87 slayer. They are acquired as a rare slayer job drop from cave krakens or krakens through level 87 slayer.

At 75 trident will perform 20 base damages with a 24s assault speed. Ibans staff is required to cast iban blast. Its also even more expensive to use so expense at a details magic level is somepoint to take right into account.

Youd be eating right into your earnings until your mage level is proper for the trident. Quests with great xp rewards in osrs. Iban blast is 25 base damages through 30s strike speed.