Altering the meshes come contain transparency and also refraction will alter the shade of the model as well. My main gripe with this mod is the it looks awesome in specific locations (for example the caves) yet horrible in others (Windhelm). In stimulate to obtain this result to really shine one would need to manually modify the various meshes with different settings depending on locale. 


Also the structure used requirements to it is in one that complements the impacts to begin with. And I am relatively certain that the step choices for ice do not execute this atm. Hence why over there is an overly blue atronach because that example. 

The blue atronach isn"t due to the selection in ice. It"s because of the mod replacer for it, Frost Atronach HD which happens to be an ext blue in color. I think STEP"s icicles texture is comes from HRDLC, yet I can be wrong.

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I"m pretty sure you"re best Tech. STEP"s icicle texture need to be comes from HRDLC. 


Also, idk if it"s mine ENB or what, but I really choose Frost Atronarch HD. Also though it doesn"t have refraction and doesn"t look transparent, ns think it"s perfect.



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None that the meshes have a texture path to lock so ns can"t tell whereby they"re pulling the texture from... Or possibly I just don"t know enough around NifSkope to figure it out.


If action icicles come from hrdlc then they would certainly look the same as the very first photo in each set. I think lock come native a mod maybe rwt or genuine ice.

If step icicles come from hrdlc climate they would certainly look the very same as the an initial photo in every set. Ns think lock come native a mod possibly rwt or real ice.

True that. However, due to the fact that the icicles don"t have actually a structure path, i can"t also load up a structure in NifSkope.

There is a independent icicle paper from one of the ice cream mods. Snow and also Ice HD maybe. That will tell friend the textures.

I ultimately got nifskope to pack textures; however, i still don"t see any texture routes in the blocks. They have to update your documentation.



Icicles tho won"t pack a texture and also I"ve every snow connected mod come the textures folder....

HOLD the phone...! these look different depending on what structure they"re pulling from. Lock look even better in simply pure vanilla:


Vanilla >> STEP




Fixed the so reload if friend were here for 1 minute ago.


This way the step texture is affecting it negatively. Due to the fact that vanilla watch better.

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I changed it...I assumption: v not. There are no conflicts for the icicle what is action using because they are plainly different 보다 vanilla.

So which step mod is affect them? I know Skyrim2k offered to have actually icicle textures yet that was removed. 

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