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mountain Luis Obispo

Escape come this laid-back town with award-winning wineries, the end adventures, and farm-to-table cooking offerings.

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Santa Barbara

Enjoy abundantly sunny skies, artisanal dining, and also outdoor adventures in ~ this seaside town.


Browse eclectic shops, walk follow me an oceanfront promenade, and also visit world-famous surfing beaches.

Los Angeles

With a colorful downtown, world-class dining, and accessibility to major event venues and social attractions, Los Angeles is well-known as the entertainment resources of the world.


Visit the gateway to the Disneyland® Resort and other world-class attractions and also entertainment venues.


With abundant options for shopping, dining, and entertainment, Irvine uses a lot to do and also see.

mountain Juan Capistrano

This charming town attributes an eclectic mix of historical buildings, strange cafes, and also antique and specialty shops.


Explore surf society at this little beach community featuring large sandy beaches, a picturesque harbor, and the longest wood pier top top the California coast.

mountain Diego - Old town

This historical district is known for that is lush gardens, specialty shops, and also colorful restaurants that offer authentic mexican food.


We"re implementing one of the largest schedule alters to the Pacific Surfliner company in years, which contains restoring an additional roundtrip and adjusting numerous departure times.

The Amtrak Pacific Surfliner route meanders follow me the majestic California coastline from san Luis Obispo v prime destinations such together Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, mountain Juan Capistrano, and also San Diego.

California daily Discounts sell year-round save on Pacific Surfliner trips because that seniors, students, children, and also others.

Whether you should ride through us soon or are dreaming the a future adventure, inspect out our peak tips for planning a safe and also responsible trip.


essential Updates

A new Pacific Surfliner schedule will certainly go into result on Monday, October 25, 2021. Please check your pilgrimage details as countless train numbers and also departure times space changing. Read more

Passengers space still forced to wear facial coverings if on the Pacific Surfliner, per federal law and Amtrak policy. Read more


service ALERTS

Our Twitter account shares real-time train condition updates Monday v Friday native 5 a.m. To 9 p.m. View recent alerts.Information is also available at 1-800-USA-RAIL,, or the Amtrak app.

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Visit our Media Room for the recent news and also information concerning the Pacific Surfliner.Learn more.