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Hello everyone and welcome to Zoelius" Legend of Heroes: Trails that Cold steel II Guide. This is Zennvirus (AKA Urizen Andrade)"s Intro. Why is some other dude making the intro that Zoel"s guide, friend ask? Well, since the guy himself is liven going in ~ this monstrous game of a monstrous franchise through the proverbial pair the pliers and also blowtorch combo trying come compile one of his awesome and damn-good-looking guides of his, these here fellow gamer (me) who decided to sign up with forces and also Tie a connect of ARCUS because that this at sight Arrange Version...and has been hence tasked to make a straightforward paragraph explicate what we room doing here (us overview makers and also you, the user). Because one guy would suffer significantly for the selfish act of making a guide (we WANT much more selfishness choose this), i pitched in doing reviews, Grammar-Nazing and evaluating and systematizing strategies ranging from the common Kill-the-boss to economical purchase tips for financing a usual war...all so that once that nerve-racking date (TBA) what on 2016"s fall arrives you: The Gamer, has actually a cool overview to help ye discover your method to that hard-to-get Platinum Trophy or carry out a dreaded N3 operation (No NG+ Nightmare Run). And also to those Amigos who (like Zoel and also me) have a Japanese copy: We obtained you covered 2. Finally, to provide Mr Zoelius time to execute his thing, feeling F.R.E.E. Come choke my Gmail account v your contribute so that this guide is truly By the Gamer for the Gamer. Let that Rip! So right here we are: Doin" Guide.


Rean Schwarzer

Abnormal condition (Negative)

Unlike most RPGs. In the Legend that Heroes games, abnormal status actually job-related on bosses i m sorry is one the main crucial of to win combat. You have the right to take advantage of these standing defects to obtain a huge advantage in battle. Of course the exact same can take place to you together well.

List that Abnormal StatusCure
PoisonDeals minor damages at the of afflicted"s turn.Antidote, Curia Balm, Recuria
SealRenders the afflicted can not to attack, usage crafts or S-Crafts.Relaxant, Curia Balm, Recuria
MuteRenders the afflicted unable to use arts.Insulating Tape, Curia Balm, Recuria
BlindReduce ACC and also EVA by 50%.Eye Drop, Curia Balm, Recuria
SleepRenders the afflicted unable to act. All damages dealt come them is critical.Mint Drop, Curia Balm, Recuria
NightmareAfflict the target with sleep and also bestow a random status ailment as soon as they awaken.Mint Drop, Curia Balm, Recuria
BurnDeals significant damage at the end of the afflicted"s turn.Cooling Spray, Curia Balm, Recuria
FreezeRenders the afflicted unable to act. Transaction medium damages at the finish of their turn.Warmer, Curia Balm, Recuria
PetrifyRenders the afflicted unable to act, with a 30% chance to be K.O.ed when attacked.Softening Ointment, Curia Balm, Recuria
FaintRenders the afflicted can not to act. All damages dealt to them is critical.Stimulant, Curia Balm, Recuria
ConfuseThe afflicted strikes both enemies and also allies indiscriminately.Sedative, Curia Balm, Recuria
DelayForce the afflicted to wait longer for their next turn.Time
VanishTemporarily gets rid of the afflicted indigenous the battlefield and also reduced your EP to 0.Time
Stat DownDecreases the attribute matching with the shown icon.Time

Abnormal standing (Positive)

These room status buff the are offered for enhancing the target"s status temporary.

List of status Buffs
InsightIncreases accuracy and also evasion price by 50% and renders the imbued 10% more likely to unbalance a foe
HP RegenRestores few of the imbued"s HP every turn.
CP RegenRestores some of the imbued"s CP each turn.
Physical ImmunityNullifies the next physical strike received.
Physical ReflectReflects the next physical attack received. To reduce their damages to 1/4.
Art ReflectReflects the following magic attack received. Reduces their damage to 1/4.
Stat UpIncreases the attribute corresponding with the displayed icon. Note: Red icon means the buff is in ~ 50%.
StealthEnemies won"t target the imbued, and attacks will certainly deal an important damage.


There is 4 types of attacks in this game, Slash, Thrust, Pierce and Strike. Each character in the game has different proficiency v their assault types. If friend strike an adversary with the attack form they"re weak to, that will reason them to unbalance and leading to Link attack *read ar below.


You can readjust your fight position under the strategies menu. The formation is not important on lower an obstacle levels but can be offered to exploit the enemies to law in a details way. Very useful for players trying come beat solid enemies when severely under-leveled or top top a fresh Nightmare run. Review Zennvirus" Formations ar for much more in-depth information about Formations.

Combat Links

The Combat Links role is set off by pressing the L button and assigning the members you desire to attach together. When characters are linked, you can land an extra attack as friend unbalance one enemy. During this phase, you have the right to use the assist command which walk one extra attack and also adds one bravery Point. If you have 3 bravery Points, you can use the rush the command which will make you and also your partner strike multiple time at the target. And if you have actually 5 courage Points, you deserve to use the to explode function, which will have actually all your party member strike at the same time.

Mech Combat

At specific points that the game, you will be using the Ashen Knight, Valimar because that Mech combat. Utilizing the Ashen items is choose playing a game of rock-paper-scissors. Once fighting opponent units, you"ll need to choose the correct component to hit, i m sorry is the one that displays an ext stars during the present turn. Hitting the correct part will floor a crucial hit which enables you to perform a attach attack. Eventually, you can also assign a backup pilot i beg your pardon will give Valimar some additional abilities based upon who your partner is.


Overdrive (Over-Rise in the Japanese version) is a brand-new function included to Cold stole II. Utilizing Overdrive will gain back 30% of your character"s HP, EP, CP, offer you 3 extra turns and also instant magic cast between the two characters you linked. To use Overdrive you must fill the Overdrive gauge located at the upper best of her screen, when the gauge is to fill up, you have the right to activate Overdrive by holding ideal on the strike Icon and also press the check button.

Important: To be able to use Overdrive between any kind of pair of personalities not consisting of Rean you"ll have to open a specific kind of chests called Trial Chests, which are colored blue. They are character specific, therefore if the chest requires, say, Laura and Emma, you"ll require to have those two characters with you (as energetic or reserve members, no problem there) to have the ability to open the chest. When this problem is met, a battle will ensue. After winning this "trial battle" both characters will then be able to use Overdrive in any type of subsequent battles. So it is in your ideal interest come haunt for these Blue Chests.

Other Terminology

Link EXP

Link EXP is the bonding level between you and your partner. This is greatly for Link strikes since, together you raised your connect EXP level, you have the right to unlock extr support abilities between partners. Come earn connect EXP, friend will need to link together in battle, attend bonding occasions or through story events. Certain story occasions require a high connect EXP level come trigger.

Link LevelTotal EXPUnlocks
10Link Attack
21000Finishing Blow
32000Character Specialty #1
43000Character Specialty #2
54500Rush II
66000Character Specialty #3
77500Overdrive II

Bonding Events

At particular days the the game, you will get bonding points, i beg your pardon are supplied for spending time with people you know, revealing extr backstories and raising the link EXP through the character you spend time with. Particular unplayable (NPC) characters have a hidden link EXP value.

World Map

Gameplay changes from Cold Steel

In Trails of Cold stole II, the core video game is the exact same as the original. However, there are countless subtle changes, which in its entirety affects the video game balance.

Physical AttacksFalcom has actually nerfed physics attacks, they have actually lower accuracy in this game. This will certainly make both allies and also enemies miss out on a many more.
ArtsArts room much much more useful in Cold steel II, together they cast faster and deal higher damage 보다 their previous counterpart.
Damage CapThe 49999 damage cap from the original video game has been removed. This permits players to do massive damage, do S-Crafts overpowered because that the finish game.
NavigationFalcom made some subtle changes to the map, this includes having an ext variety of Icons. Such as uncovered Fishing point out or Shop NPCs.

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Weapon SynthesisWeapon synthetic no longer requires money, all you require is the materials to synthesize weapons.