Trace Adkins is known an international for his massive contributions to the human being of nation music, his distinct and also smooth baritone voice, and also of course, because that his unlimited dedication of honoring those who have served our exorbitant country.

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In 2010, Adkins released among his most an effective songs that pay tribute to our nation’s servicemen and women: “‘Til The critical Shot’s Fired.”

“Say a prayer because that peace. Because that every please son. Collection my spirit free. Permit me lay under my gun. Sweet mother Mary I’m so tired. However I can’t come house ’til the last shot’s fired,” Adkins sings.

The tune was indigenous his twelfth studio album The Definitive greatest Hits: ‘Til the critical Shot’s Fired, i m sorry is additionally his 3rd compilation album. Allmusic’s Stephen cutting board Erlewine offered the album four stars out of five. He called it “an overview of his top that is without doubt definitive.”

It’s among The Most powerful Songs out There

“‘Til The last Shot’s Fired” is written from the view of a dead soldier. Adkins called CMT the at this moment, the track asks the question, “What if?”

He added: “What if soldiers are in this sort of – ns don’t desire to speak purgatory – yet that’s sort of what the is. What if these soldiers are in a ar where castle can’t remainder until the critical shot’s fired till war doesn’t exist? What if just then castle can find peace? i think if us knew that, and also if that were true, there more than likely wouldn’t be battles anymore. Therefore I believed that was a real unique method of looking at it. And also it pays tribute come soldiers but, in ~ the exact same time, asks the question.”

This track also features the West point Cadet Glee Club. Adkins and also his team had to walk all the method to the Pentagon come ask permission to document with the group. He claimed that he has “probably heard that tune fifty times, and every time ns hear it, the still provides me goosebumps on the last a cappella chorus.”

Creating A Tear-Dabbing Moment

During the 2009 Academy of country Music Awards show, map Adkins left the audience and also viewers at house in tears after ~ his performance. It’s probably one the the all-time top nation award display moments — it started with a stand ovation even before the singer walked onto the stage.

He teamed up when again through the West allude Glee Club and this time, through the ACM’s charity, Lifting Lives, to support The hurt Warrior job and aid those service members who got wounded in action.

As the show resumed after ~ a advertising break, Lt. Andrew Kinard of the U.S. Marines appeared onstage in a wheelchair. Before Kinard do his method to the stage, he to be warned that there would be healthy applause. Adkins told that to just take it in prior to he begins explaining his mission with the injured Warrior Project.

Finally, Adkins started to sing “Til the last Shot’s Fired.” with his impressive vocals, his power eventually produced a tear-dabbing moment, most particularly when photos flash across a large screen in the background reflecting men and women providing their all-in dedication to our blessed country. The West allude Cadet Glee club then arised from behind the to deliver a powerful and spine-tingling last verse.

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Watch this unforgettable performance to the finish to see several country stars wiping your eyes together the crowd offers the country icon, the West suggest Cadet Glee Club, and Lt. Andrew Kinard a standing ovation they important deserved.