Nintendo, the Japanese electronic devices firm, on Thursday announced the it has actually selected playthings “R” Us and also GameStop to hold U.S. Wii release events, and the 2 companies setup to organize gatherings in new York City and also Los Angeles on Nov. 19 to celebrate the next-generation gaming console’s debut, Reuters reports via MSN Money.

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Nintendo Wii

Both retailers have currently begun taking pre-orders because that Wii (pronounced “Wee”) to permit their customers to certain a system, follow to Reuters, and both have actually run with their supply set aside for at an early stage sales.

Wii is set to launch on Nov. 19, simply two job after Sony publication its much-anticipated playstations 3 video game console, and the two electronic devices giants will certainly then walk head come head v Microsoft and also its Xbox 360 system—which was released around a year ago—in a battle for dominance in the next-gen console space. Both Nintendo and Sony will most likely face comparable supply worries that Microsoft and also the Xbox 360 experienced last year throughout the busy holiday season early out to strong demand.

One the Wii’s many interesting—and hyped up—features is the Wii Remote, a motion-sensitive controller that simulates knife swinging and also golfing, among other options.

Wii Remote

Nintendo will offer Wii in the United claims for around $250, and it will hit Japanese retailers a couple of weeks later. Sony’s game stations 3 will offer for $500 because that the low-end version and $600 for the high-end model, and both will function Blu-ray bowl drives. The basic Xbox 360 model offered by Microsoft go for around $300, and also the firm recently announced that it would sell an HD-DVD add-on drive for about $170.

Toys “R” us will hold its midnight Wii launch event at that flagship locale in new York City’s time Square, and also GameStop will hold its occasion at the Los Angeles universal CityWalk store, follow to Reuters. Both occasions will attribute live entertainment and a countdown to the minute when Wii is officially available, Reuters reports.

In related news, Nintendo top top Tuesday stated it will certainly offer Wii individuals 62 games—32 that which will certainly be new titles—before the end of the year.

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