Toys "R" Us, 1640 W. Mason St., put up signs Tuesday notifying the public it is permanently closed. 

Toys "R" Us notified state officials in March the it would start laying off its 326 employee in might as the agency prepared come close the store. 

The retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy defense from creditors in September and announced a arrangement to at first close 182 stores in January. In spring, the company sought a court"s approval to begin liquidating inventory and also closing every 735 stores in the united States.

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On Tuesday, green Bay"s store had actually a cardboard authorize over the prior doors saying it to be closed come the public. The doors were open, but only for human being who purchase fixtures to pick them up. 

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On the various other hand, it"s no all poor news from the west-side sleeve landscape. 

The former Gander mountain store at 2323 Woodman Drive, in Howard, is showing indicators of life as soon as again. Over there is fresh paint, along with new signs and banners and a new, huge American flag. The company"s website now lists six various positions it is hiring for at its eco-friendly Bay store. 

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You could remember Gander Outdoors increased from the ashes of Gander hill after Camping civilization Holdings Inc. To buy the company"s assets the end of bankruptcy in may 2017. In January, the company released a perform of shop that would certainly re-open under the name Gander Outdoors. 

Green Bay shows up to it is in a small late come this party, though. Gander Outdoors stores have currently re-opened in Sheboygan, the Appleton area and Rothschild. For much of this year, the retailer"s website shown the environment-friendly Bay save would open up in June. It now says July, despite a company spokesperson did not respond come requests because that a certain date. 


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