CAPITAL an ar — The former Toys R united state stores in the Capital region are sit empty, awaiting their following chapter as the toy retailer lover by generations of kids is sculpted up in bankruptcy court.

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The new Jersey-based firm closed the critical of the 735 U.S. Stores June 29.

A number of locations in other markets have actually been got hold of by other big-box retailers — Aldi, Burlington, Ollie’s bargain Outlet and also Raymour & Flanagan were amongst the to win bidders in an auction that 53 stores, the Chicago Tribune reported.

But there’s small sign of adjust yet at the company’s four Capital an ar stores — playthings R us stores in Clifton Park, Colonieand Queensbury and also the Babies R united state in Latham.

A ceiling fan still spins in the playthings R us on Wolf roadway in Colonie.

All the lights room on in ~ the Clifton Park playthings R Us, and the digital sensor tho clicks when a pedestrian ideologies the sliding doors.

A sign on the locked doorat the Latham Babies R us helpfully directs shoppers to the Colonie and also Clifton Park stores.

John Nigro, president of Nigro Cos., which own the previous Toys R Us keep in Queensbury, claimed his agency and many other landlords space in a state that limbo if the bankruptcy instance proceeds.

Some the the leases will certainly be rejected ago to the landlord because there is no money to be made indigenous them, the explained. Others, an especially those in attractive areas or those v favorable terms, will certainly be sold and assigned to new tenants and also the proceeds given to toys R us creditors in partial satisfaction that the billions they space owed.

“It appears to be fairly consistent that plenty of of the stores under the bankruptcy filing … a the majority of leases have been rejected,” Nigro said The everyday Gazette, “and those stores would be given earlier to the landlord with no more commitment indigenous the tenant.”

But the doesn’t recognize which category his that company lease will fall into.

Toys R Us keep No. 6367 is situated on course 9 near Aviation shopping center in Queensbury. That was one of the last to close, in the last days that June.

Elsewhere in the resources Region:

Toys R Us store No. 6431 sits quiet at 17 Clifton country Road in the otherwise bustling town Plaza, near Clifton Park Center. ~ above its website, landlord Windsor Cos. Lists town Plaza together a 180,000-square-foot shopping center anchored through Hannaford, PetSmart and Toys R Us. It does not indicate the toy store is closed, or that its room is because that lease. The firm did no return a contact for comment because that this story.Babies R Us store No. 6494 is vacant and quiet in ~ 221 go Road extension in Latham, component of the Latham center shopping Plaza. Syracuse-area commercial actual estate developer/manager Cor development Co. Has actually removed all point out of Babies R us from that is website, and also indicates the 37,409-square-foot space is available. The remainder of the plaza is occupied. The agency referred a inquiry for comment to a Manhattan public relationships agency, i m sorry did no return a inquiry for comment for this story.Toys R Us save No. 6314 in Colonie is component of one of the largest retail zones in the resources Region:Wolf Road. Florida-based Kin properties on that website shows the 44,160-square-foot building at 38 Wolf roadway is accessible for lease in ~ a price to it is in determined. An employee comment the phone shown the agency does no comment to the news media.

“Highly preferable Wolf Road,” together Kin properties calls it, is undoubtedly one the the busiest shopping locations in the region, an ext than 1.5 miles lined on both sides through all way of customer goods because that shoppers come buy and also restaurants where they deserve to load up on carbohydrates prior to or ~ the expedition.

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But there room two various other vacant huge box spaces simply a short distance indigenous the old playthings R Us, both likewise formerly occupied by struggling nationwide retailers — Sears and Barnes & Noble. It showed up Friday the the ex-Barnes & Noble is being ready for a new tenant, yet only a temporary tenant: A pop-up Halloween retailer. Plenty of “space obtainable signs” dot the edges of wolf Road, nearly end come end, but none that the spaces are all over near as big as the 3 empty huge boxes in ~ the southwest finish of wolf Road.