Then I confirm the shop hand-operated - and P0135 means a feasible faulty "Heated Oxygen Sensor - bank 1, Sensor 1). Therefore - I need to verify if the resistance for this sensor is between 11-16ohms.

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My question is: whereby is the Oxygen Sensor for "Bank 1, Sensor 1" located?

The chart in the shop hands-on is really no clear and I might not find it in the Haynes manual neither? It"s supposed to be associated to "Cylinder 1" - i beg your pardon is top top the passenger side - closest come the firewall. Yet I can"t it seems ~ to discover it on my engine! :(

Any comments or suggestions will certainly be yes, really appreciated. Thanks.


BTW: I have the right to see native the diagram the the other oxygen sensor for bank 2 - Sensor 1" is located in the prior of the engine - close to the exhatastecraftedmcd.comt manifold.

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Posted October 9, 2005


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Posted October 9, 2005

Thanks becatastecraftedmcd.come that the reply fidgits - i actually have an upgrade on this pursuit for the 02 sensor.


I controlled to discover some one more tastecraftedmcd.comeful website on the web and also the disctastecraftedmcd.comsions held there led me come finding this O2 Sensor - bank 1 Sensor 1 on mine engine type = 1MZ-FE.

This other site is:

Search for "O2 toyota" or code "P0135" and also a whole list the disctastecraftedmcd.comsions come up.

I pieced with each other my prize there.


Anyways - earlier to the actual location of the O2 financial institution 1 Sensor 1 on my engine, it"s physically situated at the "back" of the engine as soon as you lift open the hood. The "back the the engine" is the side closest to the firewall/passenger"s compartment.

It"s not easily assessible at all from the height - together you"re looking into the engine area. I can only watch it by stand on the driver side and peering right into the lower ago side (between the engine and firewall) of the engine.

It looks favor the shape and also size that a spark plug v a cable attached to the end of the unit. The cable leads to a connector - which needs to be detached in bespeak to test the resistance. Inside the cable - there are 4 wires.

The only means I was able to reach this O2 sensor is to get "under" the car, lifted top top ramps. And then - you require a rather tiny sized eight to sqeeze in - to reach and also remove the sensor.

Also - due to the fact that the sensor is attached to the exhatastecraftedmcd.comt-like pipe - it"s normally incredibly hot in this area. Therefore - the sensor was nearly ftastecraftedmcd.comed tightly together in the socket. I had actually to tastecraftedmcd.come WD-40 and also other "liquid-wrench" - rtastecraftedmcd.comt penertrating kind spray to loosen it. I struggled for more than an hour through an flexible wrench before it lastly came loose.

I measure up the resistance that the O2 sensor and also it review 2.5M ohms. The spec book said it should be in between 11 - 16 ohms. Therefore - it"s certainly defective, which will need to be replaced.

It"s no what I would recommend someone doing it themselves - due to the fact that it was quite a battle to physical get access to the O2 sensor unit. Unless - you"re really established to save (and I"m jtastecraftedmcd.comt guessing - $150 parts and $200 labour) - it"s no worth the hassle. - i was only figured out to do it due to the fact that people claimed to leaving it becatastecraftedmcd.come that the "pros".

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Anyways - i hope someone rather will find this experience tastecraftedmcd.comeful.



I assumed the O2 sensor would certainly be what in your air entry system..

have girlfriend taken the end the waiting filter and also looked about there?