I have actually downloaded the most recent variation of the tastecraftedmcd.com bundle 6.5.2 because that Mac. When I open the tastecraftedmcd.com web browser I obtain a article "the proxy server is refusing connections". Ns have adhered to the indict (on YouTube and other sites) to set the Preferences>Advanced>Network>Settings>to hands-on Proxy Configuration and select SOCKS hold and also Port 9150. I don"t really know what a "proxy" is or just how to resolve this so the i have the right to use the browser.

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So wierd. I faced this problem in my windows. I figured the worry could be similar with my tastecraftedmcd.com web browser aswell. The tastecraftedmcd.com web browser application is in a new folder in Desktop. Newly I move every little thing from my desktop computer to another brand-new folder in my desktop. Started having this issue. I moved the files earlier to how it was and also then tastecraftedmcd.com started working. Bizarre. Expect this helps if anyone else is encountering this issue on a windows.


I had actually the same issue and then i realized that i ignored the initial pop-up when beginning tastecraftedmcd.com that suggests to relocate the downloaded .dmg file to Applications (just as
bradreaves recommends above in his comment).


Just a keep in mind to myself, since the .dmg document was already in Applications as soon as the above window popped up after double clicking the .dmg:

Click on the tastecraftedmcd.com internet browser icon in the above window

Drag that in the Applications folder


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ns tried to browser websites v tastecraftedmcd.com but all I obtain are "Unable to find the proxy server" error pages.

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