I came across this sentence in a movie. The explores gyeongju tensions in the American society, discriminated versus people the color, absence of same opportunities, prejudice in the justice systems, etc.

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american schoolchildren offered to it is in (maybe tho are?) taught a track to assist them discover the name of their classmates and also learn to play together: "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? #1 stole the cookie indigenous the cookie jar. That me? correct you! Couldn't be! then who? #2 stole the cookie from..."
Essentially, it way not being able to resist forbidden temptations. You are told not to take any an ext cookies from the jar, yet you can"t resist. That"s a an allegory for every the various other temptations girlfriend are an alleged to avoid.

(By the way, you can google these type of phrases and find several ready-made answers.)


The cookie jar is where all the goodies are, and you"re only enabled to remove a cookie if mommy says so. The most familiar idiom connected with the is "caught through his hand in the cookie jar", definition someone was helping self to money from petty cash account or other of that nature and also got caught.

"Cookie jar" is additionally sometimes offered to refer to sexual relations, specifically with underage individuals. You deserve to kind of know the implicitly -- the seasoned is come be preserved closed, but someone sneaks that open.

As generally taken there room no gyeongju overtones to "cookie jar", though absolutely there may be segment of society which have actually assigned some type of racial meaning to it.

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Sounds kinda racist to me. Your use of the state racism, black people, discriminated, lack the opportunities, and bias, leader me to believe that the cookie-jar an allegory is all around a relatively common "white" attitude around Blacks in America today.

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I think what is implied in the declare you emphasize is that Blacks obtain so frustrated with the lack of genuine opportunities to get ahead (and thus much better themselves) that they kind of give up and also resort to reaching into the government"s "cookie jar" of welfare benefits and government programs.

These government benefits and programs have the right to sometimes be just short-term remedies to complicated and deeply entrenched society problems. Systemic racism is among those problems. Citizen (especially non-minorities) who have actually it "made in the shade," so come speak, look down on world who "work the system" in order to obtain their cookies rather of "working tough in the system" to earn their success. They"re the type of folks that are quick to say to minorities

Hey, just do what i did. Acquire a an excellent education, acquire an entry-level job, keep your sleep to the grindstone (i.e., work-related really hard) and practically before you know it you"ll be working your method up the ladder of success just as ns did!

What those people fail to establish is that "the system" go not work the same for minorities as it does for majorities. Decimal often find themselves in a Catch-22. A Catch-22 is a case in which a human being is frustrated by a paradoxical dominance or set of circumstances that preclude any kind of attempt come escape from them. Any type of move the a person have the right to make will bring about trouble.

In this case, a minority that reaches into the cookie jug (something the non-minority will contact the "easy method out") is criticized because that being lazy and also not wanting to far better himself. Top top the other hand, a minority who attempts to buck the device which is rigged versus him is labelled a "troublemaker." the is accused of somehow trying come subvert the system by "forcing" that to execute things his way. In reality, every he is law is attempting to produce a "level play field" because that all people, himself included.

Neither behavior is there is no its own set of problems, and both habits engender no little amount of cognitive dissonance because that the minority. The old saying, "Damned if you do, and damned if girlfriend don"t" is possibly an apt expression for this phenomenon.