Of American-English origin, the phrase too numerous chiefs and not sufficient Indians, also all chiefs and no Indians, is provided of a situation in i beg your pardon there are too many civilization giving orders and not sufficient to carry them out.

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The faster instances that i have uncovered indicate that this phrase was very first used in 1947 come characterise the case of the U.S. Equipped forces at the time, after the demobilisation of a large number of soldiers at the end of the 2nd World War.

The earliest event is native a United-Press news item published in the Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada) the Sunday 16th February 1947:

‘Too plenty of Chiefs—Not enough Indians’ARMY STRESSES require FOR an ext MEN

Washington, Feb. 15. (U.P.) Some police officers on duty at the battle department say the one trouble through the peacetime military today is “too countless chiefs—not sufficient Indians.”The figures display there are 6489 colonels in an military of 1,070,000 enlisted men contrasted with 10,590 colonels when the army enlisted stamin was in ~ a wartime top of 8,000,000 men.That is a proportion of one colonel to every 165 men. The wartime ratio was one colonel come every 755 men.

The second-earliest instance that ns have uncovered is indigenous ‘Enemy’ Collapse main Hope because that Peace: Eaker, released in The Austin Statesman (Austin, Texas) that Thursday 24th April 1947—this short article is one account the the address that Lieutenant general Ira Clarence Eaker (1896-1987), then deputy command of the military Air Forces, had yielded to the Air pressure Association at the university of Texas the previous day:

He said the “greatest air force in the world” had been totally wrecked by demobilization but was rapidly being rebuilt.Eaker described the army Air Force’s two main problems as that budget and keeping that is 2,000,000 former enlisted males in condition to fight.“You can’t have all chiefs and also no Indians,” stated Eaker. “We have a mechanism we think will carry out the chiefs, yet we’re worried around getting the Indians.”He said 325,000 men have signed for three-year hitches in the army Air Forces due to the fact that the end of the war, but pointed out that around 80 every cent of them space rookies.

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The expression alludes to the reality that, once playing cowboys and also Indians, a son would rather impersonate the chief 보다 an typical Indian warrior.

This was described by Channing cope in Everybody desires To be the Chief, around the above-mentioned United-Press news item, released in The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) the Wednesday 19th February 1947:

Did you review that explain by an military officer, “The trouble with the peacetime army today is ‘too numerous chiefs—not sufficient Indians.’”? isn’t it a peacheroo? Anyone have the right to understand it; many everyone deserve to appreciate its significance. Too many generals—not sufficient privates. Too numerous leaners—not sufficient lifters. Too many watchers—not sufficient doers. Too plenty of staff men—not enough “line” men. Too countless carbon copies—not enough originals. We might go on and on, yet the soldier says it the best: “too numerous chiefs—not sufficient Indians.”You will recall as soon as you were a kid and you and your buddies played cowboy and Indians the every kid in the video game wanted to it is in Chief Tomahawk. It is what the man is talk about, now. Everyone wants to be the Chief. The office young isn’t the slightest little bit happy over being the office boy, he wants to be foreman tomorrow, superintendent next week and head that the certain by the time he has actually been there 6 months. <&c.>