Tom (Designer and also CEO) and also Nik (our Production Engineer) have designed three brand-new accessories -- Modular Pockets & Straps -- for the Smart Alec that sell extra (and also customizable) organization and transporting capacity.

1" Gate Keeper Straps:You can relocation the front bungee had through the Smart Alec via these straps (or leave the bungee in area and also install the straps over the bungee). Useful for securing large/bulky items to the front or peak of the Smart Alec: a yoga mat, snowshoes, raincoat, Christmas trees, or anypoint else as well substantial or wet to go inside. Available individually or in sets of two or three; the Smart Alec has webbing loops for accommodating as much as 5 1" Gate Keeper Straps. Wondering just how many you need? Tom offers 2 1" Gate Keeper Straps to secure his snowshoes to the front of a Smart Alec. $5 for one; $10 for two; $15 for 3. Available for pre-order and also ships by mid-January.

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Two 1" GateKeeper Straps securing a pair of snowshoes to the front of the Smart Alec

Upper Pocket:Adds an extra 2+ liters of volume to the Smart Alec. Inside there are four tiny organizer pouches sized for the points to which you need quick access: smartphone, secrets, multitool, flashlight. Two inner O-rings so you can affix secrets or pouches or what-have-you. It need to be listed that in situ the six Gate Keeper attachments make the Upper Pocket look somewhat favor the paw of a polydactyl tiger. Just saying. $40-$45, depending upon whether you choose the 1050d Ballistic Nylon or 400d Dyneema/nylon version. Available for pre-order and ships by late January.

Upper Modular Pocket in Steel

Lower Pocket:Adds an extra 3+ liters of volume to the Smart Alec. Fits 2 1-liter water bottles, or one water bottle and also other stuff, or simply a lot of various other stuff. Inside are two o-rings and an open-top organizer pocket sized for a wallet. $40-$45, depending upon whether you pick the 1050d Ballistic Nylon or 400d Dyneema/nylon version. Available for pre-order and ships by mid-February.

Lower Modular Pocket in Cardinal, secured to a Black/Black/Steel Smart Alec

Note: Tom updated the architecture of the Smart Alec in October 2012 and included 1" webbing loops to the peak of the bag to accommodate the Upper Pocket and added 1" Gate Keeper Straps. If you purchased your Smart Alec pre-October 2012 and it doesn"t have actually the upper/height 1" webbing loops, you won"t be able to attach the Upper Pocket to your bag. You will, but, be able to use the Lower Pocket and the 1" Gate Keeper Straps (secured to the bottom half of the Smart Alec). Some earlier Smart Alecs (pre-2009 even more or less) had 5/8" webbing loops; extremely early Smart Alecs had no webbing loops.

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None of the new accessories will work via these older bags.