Raytheon Technologies has actually announced the Chief jae won Officer Anthony (“Toby”) O’Brien has actually stepped down from his duty as CFO. Neil Mitchill, corporate evil president, financial to plan & evaluation and investor relations for Raytheon Technologies and former CFO the Pratt & Whitney, has been appointed together CFO the Raytheon Technologies and will report straight to Chief executive Officer Greg Hayes.

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Raytheon modern technologies CEO Greg Hayes commented, “Neil is a proven leader who properly guided our Finance team with the merger. He has actually been critical in overseeing our capital allocation strategy, which permitted us to exceed our cash savings target as well as our merger-related synergy expectations for 2020. I recognize he will proceed to deliver significant value come the organization given his experience across our worldwide businesses. Ns look forward to his partnership as we proceed to execute ~ above our strategic priorities and deliver long-term value for shareholders.”

As CFO, Mitchill will certainly serve together a member that the senior leadership team and also direct the company’s financial strategy and also its worldwide finance team.

In 2019, Mitchill was called as acting senior vice president and also CFO that United modern technologies Corporation (UTC), a role in i m sorry he served until the merger v Raytheon Company, when he to be appointed corporate angry president, financial to plan & analysis and investor relations of Raytheon Technologies.

Mitchill join UTC in 2014 as vice president, an international financial services. In 2015, he was appointed corporate angry president, controller, and also in 2016 was called vice president and also CFO of Pratt & Whitney. Before joining UTC, Mitchill was a companion at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, whereby he to be the Hartford products & services Assurance Leader, offering assurance and business advisory solutions for global, industrial products companies. He has actually over two decades of finance experience, which contains technical accounting an abilities and endure on facility business transactions, and acquisitions and divestitures. Mitchill holds a Bachelor of Science degree in bookkeeping from Providence College.

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Mr. O’Brien held financial leadership positions extending 34 year at Raytheon Company, before its merger v UTC in 2020, including serving as Raytheon’s CFO and vice president of finance because 2015.

Hayes likewise commented, “Toby has played a pivotal duty in the establishment and also integration that Raytheon Technologies. We thank him because that his countless contributions and also wish him fine in the future.”