Artist: kris Rock f/ Kool absent SkiAlbum: Champagne 12"Song: Champagne (Dirty/Video Version)Typed by: g-gomez

You are watching: Tiger tiger woods y all, Webmaster DJ Flash( ) = Bluff dad aka chris Rock = woman background vocals(Ladies and gentlemen, ns am the Bluff Daddy. And also this is a black color Boy exclusive.Black young make ya jump for joy, black Boy do ya jump for pleasure ...)I love champagne Feels great to my brain, infant ... (Yeah, come on, yeah)I love champagne Drink it in the rain, yeah ... (In the rain!)I love champagne speak it when again, yeah ... (Once again!)I love champagne Hoooo ... (Sing!)Singer:Nigga, I"m broke, and also feelin" kinda thirsty (Drink somethin")Just acting a blunt, and also I feel the worst-y (Take some medicine)My baby"s father brought me a situation of St. Ide"s (Too bad)I said, "I don"t drink the shit, nigga, you much better recognize!" (I recognize)Now I"m a damaged hoe v expensive tastes (We can tell that)I got six fishing eye chains approximately my waist (Delta phony gold!)Gotta obtain my sip ~ above sip on reason that"s mine missi-on Missi-onGotta gain my champagne on, or I"m gonna gain my bitch top top Yeah(Shake the glass, shake the glass. Shiver the glass, shower the glass.)I love champagne Feels great to my brain, baby ... (Shake the glass, shake the glass. Shower the glass, shiver the glass.)I love champagne Drink the in the rain, yes ... (Shake the glass, shower the glass. Shower the glass, shiver the glass.)I love champagne speak it when again, yeah ... I love champagne Hoooo ... (Black Boy!)Singer:Donna Karan, Versace (I know), Doce cellular phone call (Yeah, ns love girlfriend too, baby)I"d profession my welfare and also food stamps because that a party of Dom (Yeahh!)See I favor Moet, Chen-Don, every little thing that way (It way ... I don"t know)I deserve to drink it without snails but prefer it with greens (What about chitlin"s?)Now coke prices too lot (No that don"t), and also crack offers me gas (Oo, that"s nasty)But if you provide me champagne, I"ll offer you this black aaaass ... (Already had actually it!) friend wanna give me what i NEED, baby! (No ns don"t!) I desire the lucci, the Lex, and also the bigets! (You can"t have actually it!) and don"t forget to bring the Pain! (I acquired it!) The CHAMpagne!I love champagne Feels an excellent to mine brain, baby ... (I understand you do, you alcoholic!)I love champagne Drink the in the rain, yes ... (You have to go to rehab!)I love champagne to speak it as soon as again, yeah ...

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(Drink it dried y"all, drink that dry!)I love champagne when again ... (Ladies and gentlemen, Kool absent Ski!)I drink champagne in the day! (Really)I drink champagne in ~ the bay! (What"s a bay?)I drink champagne in my car! (You do?)Hehehehehaw, hehehehehehehaw! (Very funny)I drink champagne top top the plane! i drink champagne once I"m in Spain! (You ain"t ever before been come Spain)I drink champagne in mine Lex! i drink champagne when I have actually sex! (When I have sssex!)I drink champagne at the zoo! ns drink champagne with my crew! (With my crew!)I drink champagne in the hood!I drink champagne through Tiger Woods! (With Tiger Woods!) Huh! (Tiger Woods y"all, Tiger Woods y"all, it"s all good y"all,Tiger Woods y"all, it"s all an excellent y"all, Tiger Woods y"all, it"s all great y"all,I drink champagne as soon as I hustle, i drink champagne through Nipsey Russell,Tiger Woods y"all, it"s all great y"all, Nipsey Russell - huh?)*the document needle is dragged off the record and also the song stops*(Can I acquire a drink?)