Description: 6 secs sound clip indigenous the Blazing Saddles (1974) movie soundboard.

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You deserve to hear this heat at 01:24:27 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- Shit.

- have you gained it?

- Yessssssss.

- sound like steam escaping!

- Action! Okay. Oh, wait till I get out. Wait till I gain out. Okay.

- Playback!

- Throw out your hands, stick out your tush. Hands on her hips, give them a push. (3)

- Cut! What in the hell do you think you"re law here?

- This is a close up door set!

- Piss top top you! I"m functioning for Mel Brooks.

- not in the face!

- give thanks to you.

- They"ve fight Buddy! Come on, girls!


You"ve gained to remember that these are just an easy farmers. This are world of the land. The typical clay the the new West. You know. Morons!


Download or hear to voice quotes and also sound clips sampled native the movie Blazing Saddles (1974). All waveform samples are in wav and mp3 format.

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Actors: Cleavon little (Sheriff Bart), Gene Wilder (Jim "The Waco Kid"), Harvey Korman (Hedley Lamarr)

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