Emery G. Doughtie, Mayor; Suetta S. Scarbrough, ar 1 Councilwoman; Rex Stainback, district 1 Councilmember; Sandra W. Bryant, ar 2 Councilwoman; Carl Ferebee, district 3 Councilmember; Wayne Smith, ar 2 Councilmember


Travel around the civilization in 80 minutes! find the world’s largest collection the rare and also endangered waterfowl in ~ Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park in Scotland Neck. As soon as a private waterfowl breeding facility, Sylvan Heights is now affiliated through the phibìc Carolina Zoo and gives visitors the possibility to check out over 1500 birds, especially ducks, geese & swans, from an ext than 170 various species, some of the rarest and most intimidated in the human being like the White-Winged lumber Duck indigenous Sumatra.

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Visitors of every ages and interests deserve to walk-through 6 continentally-themed aviaries, consisting of a multi-national aviary, suffering the diverse beauty, color and also sound of these creatures. Sylvan Heights additionally features various other exotic birds such together crane, parrot, macaw, brush turkey, cockatoo, kookaburra, pheasant & currasow. A brand-new flamingo exhibit has just opened with a feeding station. There is an impressive handicapped accessible tree house, overlooking Sylvan Heights" organic wetlands, and also poison dart frog, carnivorous plants and working bee hive exhibits. Future plans include a beaver pond blind wherein visitors deserve to quietly observe aboriginal flora and also fauna undetected.

Sylvan Heights supplies regularly booked educational programming and also special events. A gift shop, gallery of wildlife art, playground, camping area and picnic tables are likewise at her disposal.

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Address: 1829 Lees meadow Rd, Scotland Neck, NC‎

Phone: (252) 826-3186 Fax# (252) 826-3273

Hours and Prices

Hours of Operation (Closed Monday, closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)

October come March: open up Tuesday-Sunday: 9am to 4pm

April come September: open Tuesday-Sunday: 9am come 5pm

Ticket Prices:

Children 2 years old and younger- Free

Children 3 come 12 - $5

Ages 13 come 61 - $7

Senior citizen 62 years and older - $5

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The Roanoke Rapids Theatre is the cornerstone that the Carolina Crossroads Music and also Entertainment District, located at departure 171 off I-95 in Roanoke Rapids. The 1,500-seat, modern facility was constructed by the City that Roanoke Rapids in 2006 together a premier traveler attraction because that the region and the State of north Carolina. The Theatre uses corporate conference facilities and performances consisting of nationally-known country, rock, gospel and also beach music acts, in addition to Broadway shows and also various various other theatrical productions.