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"The Days" is a track by sweden DJ and also record producer Avicii, featuring vocals through English singer Robbie Williams. The track was created by Brandon Flowers, Robbie Williams, Salem Al Fakir, Avicii and also Vincent Pontare, and also was created by Avicii, Fakir and also Pontare. The song was played because that the first time in Boston, special uncredited vocals by Fakir. The track was released an international on 3 October 2014. It was released together "The Nights" in The work / Nights EP. A planned release in the united kingdom on 23 November 2014 to be cancelled. An ext »

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Under the tree whereby the grass don"t growWe made a promise come never get oldYou had a chance and also you took it ~ above meAnd i made a promise that ns couldn"t keepHeart ache, heart breakAll end townBut other flipped prefer a switch as soon as you come aroundAnd I"m in pieces, choose me up, and put me togetherThese are the job we"ve been wait forDays choose these girlfriend couldn"t ask because that moreKeep "em coming"Cause we"re no done yetThese space the days us won"t regretThese are the days we won"t forgetThese space the days we"ve been wait forRattle the cage and also slam that doorAnd the valuation is calling united state as we"re not simply yetThese are the days we won"t regretThese space the days we won"t forgetOut top top the midnightThe wild persons howlThe last of the critical boys have actually thrown in the towelWe offered to think we were stars alignedYou do a wish and I fell out that timeTime flew, cut throughAll end townYou do me bleed once I look upAnd you"re not aroundBut I"m in pieces, choose me up, and also put me togetherThese room the work we"ve been waiting forDays favor these girlfriend couldn"t ask for moreKeep "em coming"Cause we"re not done yetThese room the days we won"t regretThese are the days we won"t forgetThese space the job we"ve been waiting forNeither of us knows what"s in storeYou just roll your home window down and also place your betsThese space the days us won"t regretThese room the job we"ll never forgetAnd these space the daysAnd these are the days

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Avicii Tim Bergling, (born 8 September 1989), recognized professionally as Avicii (pronounced ə-VEE-chee), is a swedish DJ, remixer, model, and record producer. Avicii ranked No. 6 top top the top 100 DJs list by DJ magazine in 2011, and also ranked even higher coming at No.

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3 top top the height 100 DJs list by DJ magazine in 2012. More »