The Tune: Your browser does not support the audio element.Lyrics:Oh, over there ain"t no bugs ~ above me, ~ above me.There ain"t no bugs top top meThere may be bugs on few of you mugsBut over there ain"t no bugs on me.Oh there ain"t no paris on me, on me.There ain"t no flies on me.There may be flies on some of you guys but there ain"t no paris on me. Well, the Juney pest comes in the month the JuneThe lightning pest comes in MayBed pest comes just any old timeBut, they"re not going to stayWell, a bull frog sittin" ~ above a lily padLooking up at the skyThe lily pad broke and the frog fell inHe got water every in his eye.There ain"t no frogs top top us.There ain"t no frogs on us.There can be frogs on few of you dogs,But over there ain"t no frogs top top us.Mosquito he paris highMosquito he paris lowIf old mosquito lands on meHe ain"t a gonna paris no mo"A peanut sittin" ~ above a rail trackHis heart was all a flutterAlong come a choo-choo ~ above the trackToot! Toot! Peanut butter!A cow walked on the rail track,the train was coming fast. The train got off the rail trackto let the cow walk past! together I walk walking with the woodsHumming a song so gailyThe wind come whistling with the treesAnd froze mine ukeleleOh over there ain"t no lobsters on me There, ain"t no lobsters top top me There may be lobsters On few of you mobsters however there ain"t no lobsters top top me.Oh it ain"t gonna rain no more no more It ain"t gonna rain no moreHow in the heck deserve to I wash my neck as soon as it ain"t gonna rain no more? Well little bugs have littler bugs.Up on their backs to bite"em and the littler bugs have still littler bugs and so advertisement infinitum. We had actually a cat down on ours farmIt had a ball of yarnWhen those small cats were bornThey all had actually sweaters onShe lay down by the sewerAnd by the sewage system she diedAnd in ~ the coroner"s inquestThey called it drain sideWe had actually a goat down on ours farmIt ate increase old tin cansWhen those tiny goats to be bornThey come in Ford sedansSome human being say that fleas room blackBut I recognize that ain"t so"Cause Marry had a tiny lambWhose fleece to be white as snowMary had actually a tiny lamb,so walk the story of yore. She loved that little lamb therefore much,she passed the plate because that more.I woke up in the morning, i glanced upon the wall. The roaches and the bedbugs were having a video game of ball.The score was 6 to nothing, the roaches to be ahead. A bedbug fight a home run and also knocked me out of bed!The chamber maid came to my bedGet up you lazy sinnerWe need the sheets because that table clothsAnd it"s almost time for dinnerJack and also Jill went up the hillTo shot out Jack"s new flivverThe vehicle broke down a mile from townAnd dumped lock in the river.A doctor fell into a welland damaged his collar bone.

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We think the he have to tend the sickand leaving the well alone. A farmer slipped top top the old barn roofwhen rotten boards offered way, and also as as he fell, he shrugged and also said,"It"s time to hit the hay."Humpty Dumpty fell right downand landed on his head, So, every the horses and also the menhad scrambled eggs and bread.Click one come vote: did you like it?
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