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Follow the Yellow Brick Road! ‘The magician of Oz’ Exhibit opens at you re welcome Touch Museum

PTM brings you over the rainbow to an interactive brand-new exhibit.

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“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

The timeless classic The magician of Oz is comes to the please Touch Museum through a multi-sensory exhibition of fantastical proportions. The you re welcome Touch Museum’s newest special exhibit— based upon the iconic film adaptation– opens up October 8 and also will run through January 16, 2022.

While reliving the story (or maybe learning around it because that the an initial time), children will take trip from Dorothy’s farm to the floor of Oz v activities, lessons, and imaginative play. In Kansas, learn around how tornados type and produce a tornado, beat at farm yard work, and also step within Dorothy’s tilted bedroom to experience the “twister” that carries her house to Oz.

In Oz, youngsters can follow the Yellow Brick Road, resolve brainteasers through the Scarecrow, walk on Cowardly Lion’s “Courage Crawl,” and also even climb a rock wall to catch the angry Witch’s broomstick from the castle. Transparent the exhibit, however most especially here, you’ll find “Movie moment Message” graphics, to discuss and also teach lessons indigenous the story– including courage, being yourself, and what “home” means.

The Emerald City ar encourages youngsters to discover scientific concepts like nature of light and color, and to recreate special results of the movie through manipulating the Wizard’s console with voice distortion, lights, and also smoke. If learning and experiencing the story, kids of all ages can find out real-life ideas along the means without realizing it.

To tie into the exhibit, the please Touch Museum is to plan programming during its run. Be sure to visit the Makerspace and creative Arts Studio below for tasks that will certainly reinforce the lessons and also fantasy of The sorcerer’s of Oz. Job prompts will explore ideas of identity, home, and community. There will likewise be three new Discovery Carts that will pop up throughout the exhibit’s duration v museum educators top discussions and also activities: Birthstone Gem Dig, Jumping Gemstones, and also Tornado Talk.


While The wizard of Oz is such critical part of ours pop society canon, it might not be as familiar to tiny kids visiting the you re welcome Touch Museum. My own tiny girl knew the music Wicked long before she knew its source material, and if not for singing a song from The Wiz this summer in ~ musical theatre camp we may not have actually gone down the Oz hare hole therefore early. When familiarity through the film is no a prerequisite for enjoying the exhibit (especially small ones will have sufficient fun through the farm animals, shining colors, and physical challenges), knowing the simple story and iconography will most likely deepen appreciation because that the experience.

Recognizing the Ruby Slippers ~ above display, the places recreated in the installations, and also even small Toto peeking out of average Miss Gulch’s bicycle basket will definitely be tiny Easter eggs to tourists in the know.

Tip: you can at this time stream The sorcerer’s of Oz on HBOMax if you want to prepare for your visit!

“The wizard of Oz educational Exhibit” will certainly be at the you re welcome Touch Museum, situated at 4231 path of the Republic in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park beginning on October 8, and running with January 16, 2022. Join is included with continual museum admission, and as constantly is complimentary for members.

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In bespeak to store the PTM suffer safe, capacity will certainly be limited, and online appointments are required. The museum is open up Wednesdays – Sundays native 9 am –4:30 pm. Masks space required for all staff and also all guests period 2 and up. Touchless hand sanitizing train station have additionally been installed throughout the museum.