has a base length of 4 and also a height of x. The elevation of the prism is 3 x. What is the worth of x? 3 5 7 9

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the volume of the prism through triangular base is 54 unit³The base is a triangle with,base = 4 unitsheight = x unitsheight that the prism = 3x So, volume that the prism is, and Then, the volume is given as 54 unit³, so, 6x^2 =54, x^2 =9, and also x=3.

The temperatures in Lahore throughout a details week room 42, 37 , 42, 43 , 44, 41, 45.Calculate the range of the temperature in



Step-by-step explanation:

The selection is the difference in between the the smallest value and the largest value. In stimulate the number are: 37 41 42 42 43 44 45

The smallest number is 37, and the largest number is 45.

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45 - 37 = 8

The variety is 8.

1) x+23=2x+8x-2x= 8-23-x = -15x=152)x+23=2x+8x-2x=8-23x= 15WU= UW= x+23=15+23= 383)UV=UW+WVUV= x+23 + 2x+8UV=15+23+2*15+8UV=38+38UV=764) tastecraftedmcd.com=YZ+ ZAtastecraftedmcd.com= x+12 +6x -13tastecraftedmcd.com=7x -1x=15tastecraftedmcd.com=7*15-1tastecraftedmcd.com=105-1tastecraftedmcd.com=104

Given equation is


Now we need to select correct statement(s) indigenous the offered choices.

(A): that is always decreasing.

Given duty is one exponential duty with expansion factor (6) i beg your pardon is an ext than 1. Therefore it will certainly be boosting function.

So this an option is FALSE.

(B): The y-intercept is (0, 5).

y-intercept have the right to be uncovered by plugging x=0 into offered equation


which exact same as provided y-intercept (0,5)

So this choice is TRUE.

(C): The y-intercept is (0, 1).

As presented above, y-intercept is (0,5) no (0,1)

So this choice is FALSE.

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(D): The domain the f(x) is x > 0

For any exponential function, domain is all real number not just x>0,

So this selection is FALSE.

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Why is a volume of 25 liquid ounces more than a volume of 3 cups
Bumek <7>
Because the 25fluid ounces deserve to be converted then split so 3 cups will continue to be the very same bro I"m in 6thgrade 
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