As acquiring shelf space becomes an ext competitive because that brands, marketers must be looking right into leveraging one of the various types of product placing strategies. A long-time clip of in-store marketing, product positioning strategies room tied to exactly how items are presented in the purchase aisle come maximize sales. Unfortunately, CPG brand may find they have tiny control over their placement in the save without a hefty investment. Mobile marketing offers a path to cost-effectively boosting in-store placement.

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There space three standard types of product positioning strategies brands have to consider: comparative, differentiation, and segmentation. Through these strategies, brands can assist their product stand the end by targeting the ideal audiences through the finest message. Mobile marketing enhances every one of these strategies and also helps overview consumers to products in the to buy aisle.

3 Traditional species of Product positioning Strategies

Conventional models of product placing strategies center on capturing the eye of consumers. While there is a wide range of alternatives for brands to consider in product positioning, most can be broken down right into one of 3 categories.

Segmentation: Sometimes, helping a product stand the end requires concentrating on multiple audiences with different needs, however with the same product. Think about a basic product prefer Bayer aspirin. The brand uses bottles of its tablet computers in the pharmacy aisle in ~ the grocery store store, yet they also provide smaller, on-the-go package for purchase at the convenience store. With this, lock target consumer buying party of medication for their family members for usage in the future, as well as travelers or individuals managing an prompt ache or pain they want to take care of ideal away.

Brands may struggle with obtaining optimal shelf space to leverage these types of product positioning strategies. In part cases, they may rely top top packaging to assist draw the eye that consumers. However, mobile marketing deserve to offer brands opportunities to differentiate their commodities in the to buy aisle without the have to update labels.

Updating classic Product positioning Strategies v Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing deserve to be offered to guide consumers to products in the aisle also when shelf space is no optimal. These strategies work-related well in conjunction through rewards programs whereby consumers receive points for seeking out and interacting v participating items. Once leveraged v an in-store cell phone app, these programs:

Incentivize communication for to compare positioning: Brands that don’t wish to count on discounts to compete with value brands often look to rewards programs as a means to provide value there is no cutting prices. Consumers regularly view rewards point out as having actually a greater value 보다 their simple face amount together rewards points room earned. Apps which provide a method for consumers to get rewards points for scanning UPCs or receipts can be fantastic way to assist products stand out even versus lower-cost competitors. Offer data-driven personalization because that segmentation: mobile apps provide a distinct opportunity to cater to consumer by location, which create an automatic sort of personalization brands can leverage to improve sales in a particular area. These programs work-related off GPS, beacons, and other devices that push notifications come consumers once they get in a location.

Brands have many avenues to boost in-store marketing with mobile apps. This programs journey in-the-moment product recognition which deserve to be supplied to introduce brand-new offerings or stimulate interest in old ones. Pairing them with standard product positioning strategies only improves the results.

Traditional product positioning strategies can get a significant boost indigenous mobile marketing.

Traditional product positioning strategies can acquire a significant boost indigenous mobile marketing. By using incentives, engaging content, and also location-enabled messages, brands reach consumers when they’re about to make purchase decisions. The main goal the product placing is to rise sales by an enhancing visibility and also permits this there is no requiring optimal shelf placement. improves our partner’s sales in the store by utilizing mobile marketing to boost the traditional varieties of product positioning strategies.

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