If you desire to accessibility your server with installed TeamViewer host via TeamViewer with full accessibility rights, you could know the following problem: The user only expects a black screen and also the post “this screen cannot be caught at the moment.This is because of to rapid user convert or a disconnected/minimized remote desktop session”. You can think the equipment to this difficulty is in the TeamViewer settings. Many of the time far from it. The equipment is come distinguish between the server ID and the user identifier of the to run TeamViewer.

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A TeamViewer service installed together a host can be accessed in 2 ways:

1. Via the so-called User-ID 2. Via the so-called Server-ID

And this is specifically where the main point of the problem lies.

If one administrator installs the TeamViewer hold for unattended use on a server, climate he probably clicks straight on the TeamViewer icon after the installation, opens the graphical user interface and also notes the ID shown there. However, this ID presented in the windows session is the user ID. A connection ID that just promises success if the calling user is proactively logged in.

If this administrator now tries to accessibility this i would via TeamViewer, a connection is established, but only a black screen shows up with the message “The display screen cannot be tapped at the moment. The reason for this is probably fast User switching or a different remote desktop session.

If the administrator develops an RDP connection to this computer system at the very same time or logs on locally to the computer, climate his user session is energetic and he deserve to operate the server via TeamViewer. However only as lengthy as his home windows login is active.

Usually you don’t desire this behavior, because you download the TeamViewer host as a service, so the you can accessibility the server independently from the registered user.

The equipment is to use the so-called server ID. This different from the user i would of the administrator user, which was displayed prominently before.

The server ID permits a login independent of user sessions and brings the user to the login display of the windows server in TeamViewer.

The server ID deserve to be shown by clicking on the desk lamp symbol behind the user i would in the TeamViewer graphical user interface.

The prerequisite for this is that the multi-user mode has been activated in the TeamViewer settings.


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