How can an hour start off making a girl coo in delight over the fluffiest, cutest, tiniest little puppies on Planet and also end through me figuratively in the fetal place as emotionally wrecked as our protagonist?

Sh!t obtained all also real on The Resident Seaboy 1 Episode 9, and the earlier fifty percent of the seaboy is bound to be a whirlwind of drama that will save our heads spinning. 

Holy. Crap. Let"s talk around it. 


I"ll try to put somepoint out tbelow for you guys, but honestly, I"m just waiting to review all of your reactions to this installment in the comment section. We"re going to require a The Resident emotional assistance team in the comments. 

Lane Hunter is a mom fudging monster (and also something else, but we"ll keep it PG)!

She has been manipulative, shrewd, and clever because she was initially presented. We kbrand-new she was overdosing her patients, and also we knew that she was profiting off of her oncological research. We kbrand-new all of this. 

Yet, understanding somepoint and seeing the lengths she visited destroy Nic out of pettiness, spite, and pure unadulterated evil was somepoint totally various. There was no question that as soon as the other doctor contacted her and also told her that Lily had sought her out for a second opinion, Lane was going to obtain her revenge. 

No one thinks around the results on physicians when they have to watch their patients suffer.


We kbrand-new Lane wasn"t planning on killing Nic through kindness despite her syrupy sweet fifty percent apology to Nic and putting her on Lily"s situation. 

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Absolutely nothing prepared me for that finishing though. I was frozen in horror when she gave Nic the verbal commands on just how much potassium to provide Lily. She didn"t put it on the chart, and also at that minute, my jaw dropped bereason I suspected just how it would certainly unfold from tbelow. 

I was likewise frustrated via Nic. She"s been at odds through this woguy for so long, and she knows the woguy is inauthentic to the incredibly core. How did she not see any type of of this coming?! 


I adore Nic, however I expected even more from her. She wondered about it when but went in addition to it. Lane endangered Nic as if it was her individual mission to damage her when before. Nic had actually to have known that womale wouldn"t rotate on a dime choose that. 

Perhaps she enabled Conrad"s words to work out in. Conrad wasn"t as suspicious as literally everyone else when Lane conjured up a few fake tears while talking around shedding her patients prefer she provides a solitary damn. 

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Conrad concluded that Lane would be equally as convincing on the stand also if it pertained to it. 

Maybe Nic got sidetracked thinking around Conrad, Catherine, and that ring. I don"t understand. All I recognize is I intended Nic to be even more careful than she was, and also currently she"s in a bind that"ll expense her the job. 


Lily died of a potassium overdose. It"s not uncommon in a hospital, however the means this will reflect on Nic has me physically ill. She provided her that dosage and left her for the night to go house. 

Lane heading out to dinner through Bell to cover her tracks was diabolical in its genius. I expect, it"s not just me, is it? 

We knew Lane was a despicable perchild, and also as the seaboy progressed, it became obvious that she was worse than Bell, but deliberately killing a patient to erected a nurse surpassed the intended villainy. 

Lane realized everyone was closing in on her. Lily was questioning her judgment (the means Lane ignored Lily begging her to soptimal the chemo was stomach-turning). Devon couldn"t hide his feelings on the matter.

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The last straw might have actually been Conrad approaching her because he"s prefer a dog with a bone; he doesn"t let go. 

We observed that once Lily coded. It was prefer everything was happening at once, however time quit too. Conrad refprovided to let her go. That was the most intense scene of the series so much watching Conrad beating on this frail girl"s chest willing her to live while everyone in the room looked on. 

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It"s surprising that no one dared to intervene, yet possibly they kbrand-new it would certainly be a futile attempt as soon as it"s someone prefer Conrad in that state. When he lastly called it, I realized I was on the edge of my couch and also had been holding my breath the entire time. 

The moment that hit that wrecking sphere to the gut feeling house was watching precious, fluffy Cookie scamper via all the remnants of the commovement to gain to a completely wrecked Conrad. If I were qualified of it, I would have bawled my eyes out at that minute. 


Matt Czuchry offered the hell out of that scene. He had a rough day, so he was emotionally drained to the point of appearing vacant behind the eyes. 

Conrad"s ex-fiancee was a sweet woguy, and also I was all all set for her to be dead by the end of the hour. 

Did anyone else guess that she had actually an ectopic pregnancy? 

Her finest moments, ironically, weren"t the ones through Conrad. While they had a few nice extransforms, they weren"t incredibly forthcoming with background indevelopment during their scenes, and the chemistry wasn"t tright here at all. 

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No, Catherine"s best scenes were through Nic. It"s funny that it took Conrad"s ex to be the one to bring Nic and also Conrad closer together. 

Catherine: How lengthy have actually you remained in love via him? Nic: What makes you say that? Catherine: You"re wearing the ring he gave you. It belonged to his mommy, did you understand that?Nic: No.Catherine: He loved her extremely much. You need to mean a great deal if he gave it to you.

Nic essential the opportunity to better understand also Conrad, and it"s a relief that she has actually a master of who he is now compared to prior to. 

Many kind of of you guys sympathize via Nic as soon as it pertains to all that good CoNic angst, yet I always uncovered Conrad to be the most relatable. He"s not someone that wears his emovements on his sleeve, but if you"re paying attention, he shows his feelings through action. 

He gave Nic his mother"s ring. Not only did he provide it to her when they were together, yet he never before dreamed of asking for it ago because he believes Nic is the love of his life, and that"s that the ring is supposed for whether they were together or not.

He also made the huge relocate of giving Jude the OK to go after Nic if he wanted to because he knows Jude have the right to give her something that he can not. 

I do not typically have actually strong feelings either means for the 2 of them as a couple. Obviously, they"re the show"s endgame, but external of that moment where Conrad organized her hand also and also expressed exactly how much he necessary her, this was the initially time their romantic partnership made me feel something. 

That scene wbelow she asked him around the ring, and he told her about it and also why he wanted her to store it was among the best of the hour. 

Nic: Hey Conrad?Conrad: Yeah.Nic: When did your mommy offer you this ring? Conrad: When I left for Afghanistan.Nic: Why didn"t you tell me it belonged to her?Conrad: I wanted you to feel like it was your own. She told me to give it to the love of my life. Nic: You want it back?Conrad: No, you earned it.

Catherine was the 3rd party who might bring the 2 of them closer together, and also I prefer that. It would certainly have been terrible if she passed away. It was such a cshed contact, also. 

Not just would certainly that have actually been a blow for Conrad, but it would have been one for Jude as well. It"s a pity that Warren Christie is so underused because Jude has actually the potential to be a fascinating character. 

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He has actually Conrad"s earlier more regularly than not, and he comes as soon as someone requirements him. His relationship with Nic is unidentified, so it"s difficult to watch him as the 3rd allude of the love triangle. Jude"s expert side is what"s most intriguing. 

Jude keeps losing patients or coming close to it. That"s not to indicate that he"s doing somepoint wrong (like Bell), but it takes a toll on a doctor mentally, and as soon as we carry out see Jude, he seems choose he"s struggling. He was positively gutted as soon as he assumed he was around to lose Catherine. 

Wait, about Nic, 2 womales left me for the very same reason. You deserve Nic. You have the right to give her what I can not.


It would be nice if the series elaborated on that a bit even more because there"s something tright here. 

Wouldn"t it be amazing if Jude was among the doctors caught up in Claire"s new plan? For one, shouldn"t Claire have actually had actually cameras set up in the OR rooms anyway? That seems favor widespread feeling. 

How has actually she gone this long without noticing the hospital"s clinical error record? One minute, she"s suspicious of Bell because he finds ways to avoid surgery, and the next minute, she consults him for eexceptionally little bit point like he"s not guilty of half the crap she"s trying to proccasion. 

Bell going toe-to-toe with Conrad only to walk away relieved bereason he wouldn"t need to run under the brand-new camperiods made me laugh. This male is unbelievable. He can not prevent being recorded for long. Something hregarding give. 

I can not go without mentioning those darling puppies. 

Who named those cuties? They named them after sweets, and also I legit squealed once I heard their names. I squealed whenever they were onscreen.

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Little Cookie was an absolute doll. Can Conrad save her/him? He"s going to require a furry friend as a therapy dog after what he went via and what he"s around to go via.

Didn"t it seem favor Cookie was attempting to track dvery own Mina? Cookie was going to make Mina love her whether she wanted to or not. I just kbrand-new Cookie would go house with Mina once she was done having her hospital adundertaking.