I to be born in Japan top top the first year of the Taisho Era (1912). 60 years….now on the verge of fatality I realize the life is too short.

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A solitary lifetime is much too short to unveil the tricks of sorcery.

I had totally immersed myself in the miracle arts, however even now I had only just obtained my foot through the door. Over there was lot I still want to do.

With the methods I had obtainable to me now I could probably extend my life by a decade……maybe 2 decades.

「But those the allude of that?」

To meagerly swindle death for a couple of more paltry years…it wasn’t enough.

At the really least I want ten times more.

However, i don’t have actually that type of power. This old disk body. Mine mind i beg your pardon grows ever before slower. I hate this body that ties me down and slowly sends out me to mine doom.

Then…give up?

Impossible! certain not! mine inquisitive and also adventurous spirit screamed those words.

Just a little much more and I’d have the ability to open a brand-new path. Ns was i was sure of that.

「That’s right…since this body deserve to no much longer suffice, then ns might also toss the aside.」

I would go for this reason far regarding say that many magicians would eventually come to the same answer ns have.

I can just have actually my soul relocate to a new body.

However, no one appears to recognize the appropriate method.

Taking over another body is prohibitively difficult. Magic is basically a power that depends on her will. A soul and will in ~ the initial body has incredible power. Furthermore, that is unconscious strength when defending its very own body to be extraordinary.

Lastly over there is the problem of the soul’s compatibility v the body. A person’s human body matches through its soul and grows. Also as a baby it is slow. In ~ the really moment the human body comes right into the people it is a vessel for that particular soul.

If girlfriend aim because that that prompt then things have the right to still work out, however your life-force will be really fragile. If you inhabited a body that died nearly instantly you i will not ~ even have the ability to laugh at your poor luck.

Wasn’t there a safe and also secure means to achieve this?

Were both geniuses and also normal civilization forced to avoid at this roadblock?

Magic was the research study of the soul. Therefore, I should be an ext knowledgeable about it than anyone.

That is exactly how I concerned my final answer.

「The circle of transmigration. Birth, death, and also rebirth.」

That’s right. Permitting my spirit to return.

The heart departs because that heaven and finally returns back to earth. However, this cycle would clear the memories indigenous soul prior to completing the cycle. The was mine conjecture.

However, there to be exceptions. Powerful desires may enable the existing soul to walk on living in spite of going with such a cycle. There to be those who kept memories from a past life due to such reasons.

Then, i would should do the same.

I would have to intentionally engrave mine memories and also will for this reason deeply right into my soul, that they would not scatter even through the cycle of rebirth.

In act so, when I finally enter samsara I can be born together myself.

I can probably only achieve this now. Prior to age stole mine mind and skills.

If ns made a mistake my soul might be shattered together I lived the rest of mine days as a soulless puppet.

Even if I succeeded I still didn’t have finish proof the reincarnation also existed.

It was a bet with low odds.


「I don’t have much choice.」

For me I had nothing else.

My wanted path was right in prior of me if ns succeeded. Therefore why should I hesitate?

If i were to abandon this path, my magician’s heart would die v it.

「Fly Free, my Soul.」

I chanted the mantra to regulate my own soul.

「Take the memories of this fading body and also hold them fast! Engrave my cries into this soul. Start the ceremony」

In all honesty the chant no really have actually a meaning.

Magic was created by the mind and also soul to adjust the bespeak of the herbal world.

However, you can use a chant to direct your think appropriately.

I felt a burn sensation in my chest. My presence that to be stored solely in mine brain…all that the details was being burned deeper into my really being. The thoughts and also knowledge that would die through my brain would live forever much more once engraved upon mine soul.

The only difficulty was the doing this was equivalent to injuring my soul. If ns made a mistake during this process my spirit would break and I would cease to exist.

Complete devastation without the opportunity of reincarnation.

Thousands and also tens of hundreds of command equations ran continuously. Blue order of personalities that I had actually imagined and now given type began come circle around the room.

Blood started to flow from mine mouth. The injury to my soul was feeding back into mine body.

Hot, it’s therefore hot. My very own existence felt together if it was swelling.

Why had actually I to be so details about this body?

I assumed as i tampered v my soul.

This was the true type of a magician.

My pores overflowed through blood. Ns don’t remember as soon as I began my calculations. Even so I ongoing to engrave therefore my presence wouldn’t fade.

Finally, my body approached its limits.

It wasn’t a matter of will, it was my physical limits.

I sat in a pool of my very own blood through a grin on mine face.

Success. It to be wounded, however my soul had actually survived intact. I had engraved myself upon it.

Like this i would certainly die.

However, i didn’t care. Since now I had actually proof that my principles were no wrong. ******************************************** let’s talk around the result. Ns succeeded.

My an initial reincarnation was in America 1972 AD.

I was born the 2nd son in a middle course family.

I recalled my previous life top top the job of my thirteenth birthday. It seems that until my body arisen enough, it could not accept the details coming from mine soul.

During this lifetime I dove ago into the research that had occupied me during my ahead life.

However, it to be a hopelessly lonely life. The human being had exit magic.

Science had shone a light on the dark corners of the world and there was no longer any kind of mysterious locations to it is in found. The points that magic might do and science can not virtually disappeared.

For example, if a magician committed his life to learning the strength of flames and also used several different magic tools they would be able to burn one area about 50 meter in size. However, tools using scientific research would have the ability to do the exact same thing however hundreds or thousands of times bigger. Plus it to be usable by anyone.

At this suggest I made decision to give up my study on affecting physical phenomena v magic and instead focus on the mind and also soul. I thought that it was the spiritual ground the magic.

Then after an additional 50 years of life, I when again engraved this lifetime on my soul and also ended this incarnation. ******************************************* My 2nd reincarnation was virtually a joke v the world I finished up inhabiting.

Culturally the felt prefer a mix between middle ages and modern-day times.

Goblins, Orcs, and also other monsters threw their weight around and armored knights paraded around the town. Magic to be usable by even the basic populace.

That’s right. I hadn’t just readjusted what year it was, the people itself was not Earth.

I to be born the fourth son of a article in company of the imperial family. It to be a fairly free and simple life.

Here i recalled my previous resides at the period of 14.

It to be there the I lastly realized.

On planet there was part unknown limit on magic.

A spell on earth would immediately begin come dissipate no matter exactly how much you maintained its form. Anytime a magic spell concerned your psychic no sound would certainly occur.

This people was great. Over there was lots of information around magical advancement here. Those more, magic was actually useful in combat.

It was in this people that ns truly shone. Magic dwells in ~ the soul. ~ leaving the inferior atmosphere of planet my true capability was revealed. My position improved, i was bring away by the castle, and also became the royal Magician.

In this people there was individual innate magic and also generic magic the anyone can use. Natural magic to be supposedly granted by the Goddess. That seems prefer anything walk in a fantasy world like this.

Generic magic had actually a details reason and logic behind it, however inherent magic did not. I couldn’t know it regardless of using mine own innate magic. It appears The Goddess offers each human an innate magical circuit inside their body. Generic magic seems to imitate that circuit to produce an outcome.

The type that my innate magic took was…the capability to return my human body to its condition at some point in mine past. Utilizing this I might fight in mine prime even when I gained old, add to it shows up I might recall my previous existences.

In this world I passed away on the battlefield. I supplied the final breath in my body to document it upon my soul. ************************************************ ~ that i reincarnated over and over. Native Heisei Japan, come a fantasy world, a steampunk world, and also France in 2210 AD. From worlds where only I functioned upon magic, come other human beings that appeared straight the end of games…I reincarnated 15 times. Each time i would reclaim my memories about the age of 13~15.

After draw close the extremes that magic and the borders of self-education……I felt the desire to look for out pleasure exterior the study of magic.

A certain enjoyment remained in 2210 advertisement France. A new VRMMO was just coming in come popularity.

Using the VR modern technology they were able to recreate physics sensations in ~ the game.

Within the VR human being 1000 secs would count together one second in the actual world.

It to be within this civilization that I allowed myself to reap some retro Japanese anime and also games. I had actually originally been born in Japan and was missing the nostalgia of these old familiar things. In this almost infinite time I could enjoy myself come the fullest.

In this civilization I abstained from magic and gave myself end to enjoying myself before finally dice of infirmity. ******************************************** together my reincarnation was about to exceed the twenty time things had lastly gone stale. I had actually the passion however my zeal was dying down.

It to be at this suggest that I assumed it was around time to end. My research was at a dead end and I did no feel that there was anything else the was precious doing.

On the twenty-first life I decided it would be mine last……but that was when I met a girl.

I met her in a people that had actually been damaged by the Demon King.

That girl was truly beautiful High Elf. She beautiful golden hair and her black robe fluttered with the air as she confronted down the being the had ruined her civilization with her people Tree Bow in hand.

No matter exactly how she was hurt or how many times she fell, she was standing once more to fight.

Then, the decisive battle. The Demon King was attacking the last bastion the humanity.

She, along with her continuing to be companions, combated in a desperate battle. She didn’t despair, she combated with the conviction the she would emerge victorious. Climate one, climate two…her companions dropped one after another. Ultimately she was alone. She continued to fight and also eventually to win the Demon King a telling blow while that did the same to her.

After the battle she turned come the civilization who watched…she smiled as if to say everything was alright now.

She smiled despite having shed her companions. Regardless of having a wound deep sufficient that it wouldn’t be strange if she simply dropped dead.

Seeing her, my love beat passionately because that the first time in an eternity.

Yes ns knew. I knew the over the perpetuity of my life, the shine had worn from mine soul. Yet seeing those world with together light in ~ them can illuminate my very own soul.

After the the High Elf girl walk on a trip to make certain the Demon King would never revive. I collection off on the journey v her and also finally passed away at the end of my lifespan.

This lifetime readjusted me. Rather of simply seeking the end pleasure…instead of just searching out the ends of magic…I would find those world whose souls shone v light. I would accompany them and also watch over your stories.

Furthermore, ns would carry out my ideal not come interfere v the life the my current incarnation.

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However, it to be on my thirty-first time…that my fated reincarnation began.