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And all those kids didn't even hesitate at the idea of genocide even after traveling with those two demons for so long

Let me guess. Norman is going to turn into a giant anthromorphized space ship and spray his miracle drug on the demons from orbit?

So...while Emma and Ray grew up vegetables and cosplayed as demons just to steal potatoes, Norman escaped from the lab, became a cult leader, created a demon-killing drug and became a warlord

He's built different.

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To add salt to the wound Emma's gang have been starving for a while so they havent been able to provide for themselves either.

Anyone else found it hilarious how all the kids just smiled soulless, when it was revealed they where going to genocide all demons?

Like I know the kids are tired of living in fear, but it still comes off as cheesy with that 5+ mins of blank stares of joy lol