When trying come launch a game with SweetFX, a the majority of uses receive an error blog post “The procedure entry point createdxgifactory2 could not be located”. What reasons the error? exactly how to settle it? Now, let’s check out the troubleshooting methods along with MiniTool.

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After investigating user reports top top communities and also forums, we uncovered that the “The procedure entry point createdxgifactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link” error often appears after upgrading to home windows 10 or launching a game with SweetFX. To aid you settle the createdxgifactory2 error, we summarized the following several tested fixes.


Fix 1. Rename the Dxgi.dll document (from steam Community)

According come user reports on heavy steam community, the simplest and fast solve for “The procedure entry point createdxgifactory2 could not be located” error is to rename the Dxgi.dll file. Here’s how:

Step 1. Press Win + E keys to open up the File Explorer, and then navigate come the game catalog where you encounter the error.

Tip: Usually, you can discover the game brochure in the C:Programs Files or C:Program records (x86).

Step 2. Find the dxgi.dll file in the game directory, and then right-click it and select Rename.

Step 3. Enter d3d11.dll in the paper tile and press Enter key.

Now, girlfriend can shot launching the game and also see if the Skyrim the procedure entry point createdxgifactory2 error disappears.


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Fix 2. Copy the Dxgi.dll paper into the game Folder

Another widely confirmed solution come the Skyrim entry point not found d3d11.dll error is come copy the dxgi.dll document from the System32 folder come the video game directory. Let’s have actually a try.

Step 1. Open the File explorer again and navigate to the C: /Windows/System32 folder.

Step 2. Type dxgi.dll in the file search box.


Step 3. once appears, right-click the dxgi.dll and click on Copy to button native the Home tab.


Step 4. Click on Choose location at the bottom and also select the game folder from the Copy items window. Then click on Copy to save the change.

Once done, relaunch the game and also check if the procedure entry point createdxgifactory2 could not be located quiet persists.

Fix 3. Uninstall SweetFX

As pointed out above, the procedure entry point createdxgifactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link error message appears when launching a video game with SweetFX. To remove the error, girlfriend can shot uninstalling SweetFX and also use an alternative.

Step 1. Open the File explorer again and also navigate come the game directory.

Step 2. Select the SweetFX record and all its related files by holding the Ctrl key.


Step 3. Press the Delete key to remove all these files.


After that, shot restarting the game and also see if Skyrim the procedure entry point createdxgifactory2 error has actually been fixed.

Fix 4. Roll earlier Graphics card Driver

Some users reported that the Skyrim entry point not found d3d11.dll error can occur after update the graphics map driver. If you are in this situation, girlfriend can shot rolling earlier the driver. Because that that:

Step 1. Right-click the Start menu and select Device Manager from the elevated menu.

Step 2. Expand the Display adapters category, and also then right-click the NVidia or AMD graphics map driver and also select Properties.

Step 3. Navigate come the Driver tab and also click on Roll ago Driver. And also then you deserve to follow the on-screen prompts to complete this process.


Step 4. In the pop-up window, select the For another reason option and tell your reason in the box, and also then click on Yes.

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Now, girlfriend relaunch the video game to check if the createdxgifactory2 error is resolved.