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Tonight’s episode of The Orville, referred to as Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, to be phenomenal. The illustration was memory of a similar episode on The next Generation involving Riker, but the finishing was fully different. Specifically what walk that ending mean? review on for the details. This post will, that course, have actually spoilers because that the recent episode of The Orville. 

In tonight’s episode, one experiment through Isaac ends with The Orville accidentally choose up a Kelly from 7 years in the past. Throughout the episode, we’re left wondering if she’s from a fractured timeline/parallel universe, or if she’s from the very same timeline and also it’s imperative to send her back or whatever will change.

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Well, the finishing of the illustration doesn’t give us a clearcut answer. In fact, we won’t understand if the timeline adjusted until following week’s Season 2 finale.

The illustration Was reminiscent of The next Generation’s second Chances

Tom Riker right about now. #TheOrville

— MikeDemo (
mikedemo) April 19, 2019

If tonight’s episode felt familiar, that’s since it to be very comparable to one of my all time favorite episodes of Star Trek: The next Generation, called second Chances. (There space spoilers for 2nd Chances in this section. Skip on to the next section if friend don’t want to be spoiled about TNG.)

Second possibilities was episode 150 that TNG, when Commander Riker confronted a duplicate the himself. Riker was part of a rescue team eight years previously that aided evacuate a Federation study base. Now they’ve come back, and also when the far team beams down they discover a duplicate or Riker who’s to be on the world this whole time. Eight years earlier, there to be a disruption in the transporter beam that duplicated Riker.

Mercer is troi & kelly is command riker. Similar to TNG, the plot thickens. The just question is that will be dumped?#TheOrville

— Jonathan L. Polacek (
Jolopo1990) April 19, 2019

So the story is very comparable to the one we observed on The Orville. Although Riker to be the same period as his duplicate, they had actually been separated because that eight years. Duplicate Riker to be a reduced ranked officer (a lieutenant contrasted to a commander). The two have actually quite a little of conflict, and Lt. Riker and Troi also resume their partnership (now the Troi and Commander Riker are no longer together.) that ends through Lt. Riker acquisition a post on an additional ship and changing his surname to cutting board Riker, and he and also Troi don’t continue their relationship.

So this is favor that TNG when Lt Riker met Cmdr Riker.


— Captain bill ❌??????✝️? (
ArchangelB) April 19, 2019

So there were some pretty far-reaching similarities between that episode and tonight’s The Orville. Yet despite every that, i loved just how they handled things. The decision because that Ed not to continue trying a brand-new relationship with younger Kelly made sense. They’re an extremely different civilization now and not rather so compatible. Plus that was just too weird. I liked just how this one associated time travel rather than a transporter accident, leaving the exact influence on our current timeline as a huge mystery. This was an intelligent episode through a cliffhanger ending. I beg your pardon brings united state to explaining the ending…

The ending Isn’t Clear: we Still Don’t know if the Timeline to be Fractured

Crew, you've been impressive — don't miss #TheOrville finale following week.

— The Orville (
TheOrville) April 19, 2019

At the end of the episode, Isaac figures out a way to send “young Kelly” back to the past, yet it’s risky. She’s additionally afraid she won’t have the ability to handle the temptation the the expertise of the future, for this reason Dr. Finn offers to mind wipe she so she won’t damages the timeline. Before she’s mental wiped, Ed apologizes for every the pain she’s walking to resolve from him in the coming five years. (Note: This story inadvertently originally said that he apologized after ~ she was mindwiped, but it to be before. The premise of this story and conclusions to be all based upon the idea the he apologized before/during the psychic wipe, no after.)

(As an exciting note, return Ed was far too connected in his work, it seems choose their marital relationship wasn’t that terrible. If that hadn’t been for the alien that remained in heat and essentially regulated Kelly at the time, they likely would never have divorced to begin with, because she more than likely would have never cheated ~ above Ed.)

At the an extremely end of the episode, Young Kelly wakes up seven years in the past, lie on the floor and very confused. The looks choose Isaac’s experiment worked. However then something unexpected happens. As with he said, Ed call Kelly beforehand in the morning come ask for a 2nd date. Enlarge Kelly had told Ed the she assumed about turning him down, but they had actually so much fun the night prior to that she made decision to accept his second date.

But Young Kelly does something different. She actually turns Ed down and also decides there’s really no future for them. She take away a really different route than older Kelly did.

We’re left through a few unanswered questions, likely on purpose. It’s possible the mental wipe did work, and Young Kelly just subconsciously felt like she necessary to revolve down Ed since he had just rejected her in actual life a few hours earlier. So she last experience with the wasn’t happy enough for her to expropriate a 2nd date.

However, it’s also possible that the mental wipe failed. Young Kelly already said the she wouldn’t be strong enough to withstand the temptation the using info from the future to assist her v her past. So it’s feasible that knowing had poor things were going to walk (which was every anyone yes, really told her), she chose not to accept his date.

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Either way, we’ll find out following week if the timeline was broken or not. If it was a parallel universe, then she decision won’t have any type of effect top top the present next week. If she important was part of the exact same timeline, then she decision will typical things room very different top top the ship once we return for the Season 2 finale. We won’t know until following week. If things aren’t different, though, ns still doubt this is the last we’ll view of this parallel cosmos storyline.