Original Saw company is the market leader in American made cut equipment.

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We to produce Radial arm Saws, Beam Saws, Crosscut strength Saws, Saw extension Tables, witnessed Measuring Systems and Miter observed Stands.


Replacement components are easily accessible for machines and also accessories do by the original Saw Company. We likewise carry numerous “wear” components for enlarge DeWalt saws dating back to the 1950s.

Robert Eden had a vision of a company that would grow and also build market in northern Iowa. In 1976 Robert and also his wife, Laurie, moved earlier to the area whereby they had actually grown increase and settled in Britt, Iowa. 

The so late 80’s brought change for the family. As the tiling methods in the area dwindled, Robert and Laurie purchase Jones Machinery agency in Des Moines and moved the firm to Britt in 1989. Jones Machinery agency serviced and sold components for radial eight saws produced by Lancaster Machinery. Soon after, Lancaster machinery was placed up for sale. Realizing that Jones Machinery depended on the livelihood of Lancaster Machinery, Robert seized the possibility to acquisition the continuing to be inventory and also rights come the business.

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At the point, original Saw agency was born.

The first radial arm experienced was invented and also patented in 1922 through Raymond DeWalt. Once Lancaster Machinery acquisition the legal rights to the radial arm saw, lock coined the expression “The Original” Radial arm Saw. They want customers to recognize that the same standard and dependability the a radial arm experienced would still be produced and also it made sense for them come rename their brand-new company Original experienced Company. 

In the loss of 1990, initial Saw agency began in Britt, Iowa, v 11 models of radial eight saws ranging from 14” – 20” models and also 5 employees. Today under Allen and Jennifer Eden (Second Generation) original Saw agency continues to see development in sales and also product development.