After trying so many type of options to settle the "GlassFish Server 4.1.1, deploy, Connection refused: affix, false. C:UsersloggedInUserDocumentsNetBeansProjectproject1 bprojectuild-impl.xml:1045: The module has not been deployed." error, we have actually found out the solution or workaround to get the job compiled successfully.

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We can not solve this issue through GlassFish Server 4.1.1 variation, but we uncovered another alternative to fix this concern. We have actually provided GlassFish Server Version 5 to fix this issue, as after trying many choices we were not able to deal with this worry, so we tried utilizing GlassFish Server version 5 and also it functioned fine. Following the complying with procedures to remove GlassFish Server 4.1.1 and include GlassFish Server 5 version.

1.) First, RemoveGlassFish Server 4.1.1 as displayed below, to execute so open up NetBeans IDE and also go to Tools=>Servers choice, it will open following popup and also then select the server from left location and also click Remove Server switch to remove Glassfish Server 4.1.1

2.) Now, Download the glassfish server 5 from , after downloading and install GlassFish Server 5, you will certainly need to unzip it and conserve it at the "C:UsersloggedInUserGlassFish5" folder.

3.) Now, Open NetBeans IDE in Administrator mode, if not already opened.

4.) Go to Tools=>Servers & Click on Add Server... Button as shown below:

5.) In the Add Server Instance option, pick the server as "GlassFish Server" and also click on "Next off >" switch as presented below:

6.) Let "Local Domain" as schosen and then click on "Next" switch after choosing a course wright here you have actually duplicated "GlassFish 5", it will certainly show message as "Detected a GlassFish Server 5. 0 install. Click Next to register remote or practice localdomains." in the standing.

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7.) Keep Taracquire, User Name & Password fields blank and also click "Finish" switch as presented below:

8.) Wait until it will add the server and then click on Close button, as shown below:

9. ) Nowrun the task,It will certainly present the adhering to output as soon as develop is successful:

In-location deployment at C:UsersloggedInUserDocuments NetBeansProjectsproject1 buildweb


Browsing: http://localhost:8080/project1



BUILD SUCCESSFUL (complete time: 42 seconds)

10. ) After following over deal with, we were able to deal with our issue. You deserve to attempt this quick deal with.