William Shakespeare? Pablo Picasso? David Viscott? Joy Golliver? Emilio Santini? Anonymous?

Dear Quote Investigator: A renowned adage presents a fascinating answer to a perennial philosophical question about the meaning of life:

The definition of life is to uncover your gift. The function of life is to provide it ameans.

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This statement is often attributed to the well known playwbest William Shakespeare or the influential painter Pablo Picasso on social networks favor Facebook and also Pinterest. I understand that means absolutely nopoint about who really said it. Would you please map this quotation?

Quote Investigator: QI has actually found no substantive proof linking this expression to William Shakespeare or Pablo Picasso. The earliest solid complement located by QI appeared in a 1993 book by the radio personality David S. Viscott. This citation is in-depth further below.

An interesting thematically related statement was had in an 1843 essay titled “Gifts” by the significant lecturer Ralph Walperform Emerson who said that a gift is only worthwhile if it is integrally pertained to the gift-giver 1

Rings and jewels are not gifts, however apologies for presents. The just gift is a part of thyself. Thou must bleed for me. Because of this the poet brings his poem; the shepherd, his lamb; the farmer, corn; the miner, a stone; the painter, his picture; the girl, a handkerchief of her very own sewing.

In 1993 the volume “Finding Your Strength in Difficult Times: A Publication of Meditations” by David Viscott was publimelted. The writer was a psychiatrist who hosted a pioneering radio talk show in the 1980s and 1990s throughout which he gave counseling to callers. Viscott’s statement was composed of three components rather of two: 2

The function of life is to discover your gift.The job-related of life is to construct it.The interpretation of life is to offer your gift ameans.

Here are additional selected citations in chronological order.

In January 1994 a column in the religious beliefs area of “The Seattle Times” had a simplified circumstances of the passage over. The columnist had actually been collecting statements that he taken into consideration insightful or profound, and he shared several in his article. No attribution was given, and this variation omitted the middle aspect. Boldface has been added to excerpts: 3

As the new year begins, I will share with you some of my arsenal. Some items were videotaped 50 years back and others simply this week. I hope one or even more of them will be exciting or helpful to you. …

The objective of life is to find your gift and also the definition of life is in providing it amethod.

A year later on the very same columnist, Dale Turner, publiburned additional sayings from his personal assemblage in “The Seattle Times”. The concise instance of the adage was additionally disseminated once it was printed again: 4

Today, I am responding to requests that have come to me to share more items from my collection. I hope one or more will be amazing or valuable to you this initially week of a new year: …

The objective of life is to uncover your gift, and also the definition of life is in giving it away.

In May 1995 the keynote speaker at a meeting in New Jersey designed to encourage young people to enter the teaching profession employed an circumstances of the dictum: 5

“Keep thriving professionally,” she emphasized. “The purpose of life is to discover your gift; the interpretation of life is giving it amethod.”

The connection to Viscott was not forgotten. In 1997 an article in the “Chattanooga Times Free Press” of Tennescheck out placed the adage at the beginning of an short article about a effective painter: 6

“The function of life is to discover your gift; the occupational of life is to build it; and also the meaning of life is to provide your gift amethod.” — David Viscott.

In March 2006 the “San Francisco Chronicle” publimelted a profile of a mathematician working at a Hewlett Packard laboratory. The journalist noticed an instance of the saying was posted on a wall surface. No ascription was given, and the words “meaning” and “purpose” were swapped. Also, the word “find” was offered instead of “discover”: 7

A note on the wall claims, “The definition of life is to discover your gift; the objective of life is to give it away.”

In May 2006 an short article in a Newport News, Virginia newspaper explained a scene in a documentary called “Master of the Flame” about a local glass artist called Emilio Santini. The artist discussed the adage: 8

At one allude, Santini summarizes his philosophy: The definition of life is to find your gift, and the purpose of life is to offer it amethod.

Also in 2006 a book titled “Just Do It!: The Power of Positive Living” offered the saying as an epigraph for a chapter. The words were ascribed to Pleasure Golliver that has actually created and lectured around area company and care giving: 9

The meaning of life is to uncover your gift. The function of life is to provide it ameans. Pleasure J. Golliver Author

In conclusion, David Viscott published an circumstances of the saying in 1993, and also QI believes he must receive credit for originating the adage. This ascription is based on present expertise, and also it may adjust later on as databases expand also. The most famous modern instance is a simplified variation of Viscott’s three component statement. Others employed the adage after it was in circulation.

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(Great many thanks to Lucinda Critchley, Laurelyn Collins, and also Obsidian Eagle whose inquires led QI to formulate this question and also perform this expedition.)