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Update on the Unfortunate Situation

I don’t want to acquire into it also much because it’s an extremely frustrating instance for me. Basically, someone reported me for breaking Ao3′s no commerce policy. I understand this policy incredibly well. I’ve accidentally damaged it in the previous, so I take treatment to operate within the ToS. I execute not connect to or mention my patreon. I encourage human being to go to social media to discover ways to support me. This is 100% within the guidelines set by Ao3 and within the instance language they usage in their ToS. In spite of this, they’ve determined to suspend my account for 90 days and hide The Marks We Make from public accessibility.

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I’ve remained in contact via them. I’ve defined the instance and just how I carry out not break their rules. I explained how I usage the language they say to use with their own examples. Due to the fact that I have actually a previous offense, they refprovided to readjust my suspension standing. Instead, they usage other examples of“breaking” ToS. A certain instance they provided is that by saying“Sorry for the late upday, Sora has been busy through commissions” is reportedly advertising for Sora. They likewise shelp, specifically, that I cite my patreon in comments, despite the truth that I seldom, if practically never, reply to comments on Ao3. Let alone so blatantly break plan this method.

Bottom line, this is bullshit. But Ao3 is refmaking use of to listen to me and also is grasping at straws to host my suspension simply because it’s not my first offense. It’s unfair to me, and it’s unfair to you men. It’s my opinion that they don’t want to admit their mistake. It’s likewise clear to me that whoever before reported me doesn’t actually understand the rules of the ToS. So. Thanks for that. But I’m worn down of fighting with them, and also I’m relocating on.

Until the suspension is lifted, we’ll do what we have the right to. This is unfortunate. It is still frustrating to no finish. I’ll still be composing in the meantime. I will still be writing for my Patreon rewards. I’ll still be composing my oneshots, my drabbles, and also working on my significant fics as well as upcoming fics. Things will certainly uppack to Ao3 once the suspension is lifted.

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The Marks We Make will go back to Ao3 on November, 13th. Until then, the newest chapter ((chapter nine)) will certainly be available on a momentary google doc. If you would favor to review the entirety story ((it’s too long to put on a google doc)), you can find the downfill web links below. On mobile, the web links may not job-related straight in the tastecraftedmcd.com application. Especially the EPUB alternative. Open the link in safari (or your phone’s browser) for accessibility.