Will The LEGO Movie 3 happen? Maybe one more, more vital, question should precede this one: Will any kind of more LEGO movies happen at all? The future of the LEGO movie franchise may be in doubt.

Here’s all we know around the future of LEGO on film.

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As we reported earlier this year on the LEGO Batmale Movie 2, movie life via LEGO continues to be up in the air. For the longest time, Warner Bros. hosted the exclusive legal rights to the LEGO building, developing fun household movies that also recorded the eye of many kind of adults. It was a billion-dollar entity that Warner inevitably offered up on, allowing Universal to swoop in and reduced their own five-year address the toy huge, putting not only The LEGO Movie 3 in doubt however every sequel to every LEGO film released so much.

The move was a head-scratcher for some. The franchise started hot, red hot, however as time relocated on and also even more movies were developed, the returns have actually been on the decrease. The first LEGO Movie, on its $60 million budget, brought in rave reviews and over $468 million worldwide. The Will Arnet-led The LEGO Batman Movie was practically as outstanding, bringing in simply as rave reviews and also cshed to $315 million international. But then the dip. Or the drop. Or the bottom. The LEGO Ninjback Movie arrived and on its $80 million budobtain just controlled to haul in a mere $123 million throughout the globe.

Unfortunately for Warner and LEGO, the disappointment didn’t soptimal tright here. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part premiered in at an early stage 2019 through some critics describing it as a “franchise-finishing box office faiattract.” Hopes were high for this sequel since the first LEGO Movie was such a hit. But this one just earned Warner a measly $192 million international. What had looked choose a certain point and a franchise that could go toe-to-toe via various other massive franchises unexpectedly was not. This resulted in pause on Warner’s side, giving Universal the chance to jump on in.

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On host. That is wright here many of the future LEGO movie tasks, consisting of The LEGO Movie 3, have been put. Tright here had been beforehand confirmation of a movie referred to as The Lego Brick Race aka The Billion Brick Race, but that one has because been given the kibosh.

The LEGO Batguy Movie 2 has actually been announced and it appears that this film is still perhaps relocating forward with a 2022 release, but at this suggest, it is still up in the air. Back to The Billion Brick Race, its would-be director Jorge R. Gutierrez chose that given that his movie was no much longer part of Warner and Universal wasn’t moving forward through it, he’d release a look at the personalities that were going to be component of that film. They deserve to be viewed right here.

I found the character designs from my take for the LEGO film I was trying to gain going at WB. With LEGO leaving WB I think these are safe to show. pic.twitter.com/bt2sNc2siv

— Jorge R. Gutierrez (



So will certainly there be a The LEGO Movie 3? According to the voice of LEGO Batguy using Metro, Will Arnett, the conversation has actually been had. “I think there’s been the majority of broad conversations that are going in the majority of various directions. I think once this film ultimately comes out we have the right to ultimately take a breath and also take stock of where we are and also say what we want to perform.”

He went on talking around The LEGO Movie 3, “Of course eventually that’s approximately Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Due to the fact that they are truly the gate-keepers of the franchise. Then I think a conversation will start, ‘Is this something we want to proceed to do? What would certainly we do?’ That will certainly all start to take shape. Whatever before it is, I think those males will just perform it if they have the right to find somepoint that really feels favor it is organically correct for the story. If it isn’t they won’t perform it.”

Of course, Phil Lord and also Chris Miller (infamed for their firing from the Star Wars movie Solo) are the writers and also directors of the first 2 LEGO movies as well as The Lego Batguy Movie. Lord weighed in, also using Metro, on the second movie and also additionally the opportunity of a The LEGO Movie 3. “Well we made an initial movie that was really around originality and also creativity. So we kbrand-new that we couldn’t simply perform the very same thing over aget and simply speak to it a day. We wanted to spend even more time through the personalities that we knew. But additionally bring the audience something fresh and unique and also have actually a bunch of surprises in tbelow.”

He then shelp of a feasible The LEGO Movie 3, “It took a long time to number out the story for that and also what we could do that would be surprising and fun. So the fact is that we love these personalities, they’re choose family members to us and also I want to check out wright here they go following so I will constantly be interested in informing more stories through them.”