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Tonight on ABC household their hit drama The Fosters returns with an all brand-new Monday February 29, season 3 illustration 16 called “EQ,” and also we have actually your weekly recap and also spoilers below. Top top tonight’s episode, Brandon’s (David Lambert) “Romeo and also Juliet” production is jeopardized after an additional student raises pertains to over the play’s glorification that suicide.

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On the critical episode, Stef and Lena grew concerned about Callie filming an endorsement in assistance of a foster-care revolutionary bill, leading Callie to look for advice indigenous Rita. Meanwhile, Nick inquiry Jesus to assist him impressed Mariana ~ above their first date; and Stef recovered from surgery. Did you watch the last episode? If girlfriend missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as every the ABC household Synopsis, “Brandon’s “Romeo and also Juliet” production is compromised after an additional student raises comes to over the play’s glorification of suicide. Meanwhile, Rita’s daughter reaches the end to Callie after Rita refuses to take she calls; and also Stef teaches a class at a youth-outreach program.”

We will certainly be live blogging tonight’s episode at 9pm that airs on abc Family. In the meantime, hit increase our comments and tell us exactly how excited you room for the following episode of the 3rd season the The Fosters and also enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

Tonight’s episode starts now – update Page regularly to gain the most existing updates!

Now Brandon and also Callie’s s love story had the allure the Romeo & Juliette. They had actually been foster brother and sister as soon as they first began arising feelings because that each other and also they had actually recently overcome the line in between longing looks and also actually make their home lives pretty difficult. But, when Callie had acquired officially adopted, lock both swore to placed all those feelings and what ultimately happened in between them in the past.

And therefore you would certainly think the Brandon would have actually been fine to watch Callie move on. Specifically as he’s been currently trying to day a young woman by the surname of Cortney and hadn’t honestly looked Callie’s method in months. However, Brandon wasn’t fairly on board with the idea.

He began acting oddly roughly the house and Callie might tell something to be up. Yet, fortunately, her parents had actually surprised even her by gift ok through the fact she was currently dating AJ. They claimed that AJ no being cultivated by castle anymore and so they didn’t see a problem. Nor did anyone else.

Mariana was normally on board due to the fact that Callie is her sister and she support her. And also both Jude and Jesus were kind of non-starters. Jude had actually gone away because that a retreat and also Jesus was too busy taking care of his own issues. Such together his father being not that negative of guy and yet wanting naught to carry out with him.

So the one problem that Callie had actually in moving on simply happened to it is in Brandon and also he was having a pretty hard time. An initial Brandon hadn’t taken Callie’s dating news well, but his job really obtained worse once he later uncovered out around the principle wanting to shut down his play for his Senior’s Project because of the suicide trigger issues involved with william Shakespeare’s yes, really Romeo & Juliette. And also therefore Brandon was compelled to justification his absent opera variation of Shakespeare in front of the respect Board.

As if that was going come unbiased. The student Honor plank was basically operation by Brandon’s biggest detractor and Sally Benton had the support of the principle. Who simply last week aided her with her own Senior’s Project.

But Monte hadn’t liked the method Lena had actually told her that she had overstepped with Sally last week. For this reason there had been a part of Lena that wondered if the Brandon concern was some kind of payback stemming indigenous that.

Only the wasn’t an accusation she could start throwing approximately because it honestly might result in some really real payback. Thus Lena tried come bite she tongue on this one and she called Brandon to do the same. In fact, Lena told her kid to just wait until the respect Board where he might argue his side.

And it transforms out Brandon could argue his side really well. He ultimately pointed the end that no Rome & Juliette’s connection nor their death could be idolized. He claimed they had been impulsive adolescents who got so carried away by your emotions that they ended up as a tragedy rather than a love story.

Therefore, the vote can have unable to do in any type of direction and it assisted that Sally and Mariana had actually to recuse themselves. However two world voted against Brandon’s beat on tonight’s episode of “The Fosters” and that expected Brandon did need to find an additional Senior’s Project. And that Mariana shed out on her an initial lead.

Mariana, together we know, had actually signed ~ above to execute the play after she lost the Junior class Presidency because she stated she needed something to take she mind turn off of losing. Yet, once the beat looked choose it was going to loss through, Nick chose to step. Nick and also Mariana had actually previously gone on a an initial date and also it had actually unfortunately been a bust. So come make points up come her, Nick told her that they might throw the play in his dad’s warehouse.

Apparently, the play can still count together both Brandon and also Matt’s Senior’s job if it’s not done on school grounds. And also Nick plainly wanted come win enough brownie points with Mariana that he to be willing come offer whatever he could. Thus today it can be a warehouse and also tomorrow it could be the thousands dollars’ precious of sound mechanism they’re going to need.

Although, throughout town, both Stef and also Jesus were learning about the correct emotional response in instances that could either be uncomfortable or triggers.

Stef had actually been assigned to workdesk duty complying with her twin mastectomy and also so she was put in fee of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ course that was claimed to teach young offenders just how to finest respond when she uncovered out that Jesus to be going to need that class as well. Jesus has actually been drinking lately and, ~ one incident of this, Gabe had brought him home because he didn’t desire Jesus wandering the streets drunk. So Stef stepped in due to the fact that she as well what was really driving Jesus down a dark path.

The boy wanted to recognize Gabe and refused to let that go also though any kind of relationship might have finished with Gabe gaining thrown earlier to jail. Therefore, Stef took him to she class and also one that the very first things she want to teach the young group was the she to be a cancer survivor. And also how occasionally she still finds herself significant angry with what taken place to her.

But the was a situation she knew had actually to face.

And for that issue so did Brandon v Callie’s new relationship and also Jesus with the lack of relationship he to be going to have with his biological father.

Yet Callie was required to find out something together well. Rita’s daughter had contacted she wanting Rita’s brand-new phone number. Just Rita didn’t want to initiate contact since she knew her disturbed only child to be going to need money.

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So Rita had tried to disregard her kid and, in the end, it had actually been Callie that had been over there to contact 911 and get Rita’s daughter aid for she failed self-destruction attempt. And it appears that Rita was also going to need assist with her emotionally Intelligence.