How have the right to I relocate forward in solving this problem? room there any details log records to advice or enable?

Activating Windows(R), ServerStandard version (de32eafd-aaee-4662-9444-c1befb41bde2) ...Error: 0x8007007B The filename, directory name, or volume brand syntax is incorrect. (SWbemObjectEx)


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Reza-Ameri · Jun 28 at 03:29 pm

How you setup the activation server?Are you utilizing KMS server?Did you modify the windows Server installation file?Are the mechanism date and also time and time zone correct?

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Miles-MSFT answered • Jun 29, "21


In basic , there are 2 techniques which have the right to solve the error.

1.Using multiple activation key rather of key monitoring serviceThis is a case when the KMS activation will not job-related properly for assorted reasons.If the problem was indeed related come the KMS server, following the steps listed below will remove the error password 0x8007007B and also activate Windows. Here’s what you have to do:

a)Click the Windows symbol in the bottom-left corner and kind cmd. Then, right-click ~ above Command Prompt and also click on Run together Administrator.b)If you have actually a password, you will certainly be motivated to insert it at this point.c)In Command Prompt, form slmgr -ipk adhered to by your product key. The product password is a 25 number alpha numeric code. Make sure that your license is valid and also don’t forget to usage dashes every 5 characters to split the vital into five sections. The end an outcome should look choose this:slmgr -ipk xxxxx – xxxxx – xxxxx – xxxxx – xxxxxd)Double-check the crucial for mistypes and hit get in to submit the key. After a few seconds, you should see a Windows organize Script popup the will notify you the the product an essential has been efficiently installed and activated.

2.Running system paper checkerIf the 0x8007007B error is caused by corrupt system papers that are preventing the activation that your windows license key, to run the System file Checker (SFC) will automatically resolve the issue. If every goes well, you will be able to activate your windows without the error message. A)Click the Windows icon in the bottom-left edge and kind cmd. Then, right-click top top Command Prompt and also click top top Run together Administrator.b)Type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.Note: ar a room between sfc and also /scannow. Otherwise, you’ll gain an unregistered command error.c)Wait till the setup finishes the verification of your system. If the scan manages to determine corruption connected with the 0x8007007b, the corrupted files will immediately be repaired.d)Restart your machine and effort to activate your windows again.

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The methods above should work-related for friend in permitting you to activate her Windows and also eliminate the 0x8007007b error. If you’re tho presented v this issue, check that your license password is quiet valid. If the license is valid however won’t work on her PC, you will be granted a brand-new product key.