Get to recognize America"s many controversial establishing Father through his own public writings and private lettersA brash immigrant who climbed to end up being George Washington’s right-hand man. A fierce partisan whose nationalist vision do him cutting board Jefferson’s bitterness rival. One unfaithful husband who commitment to personal honor brought his life come a tragic early on end. The exceptional success the Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton has actually stoked an extraordinary renewal of attention in Alexander Hamilton, the brilliant and also divisive founder who profoundly shaped the American republic. Now, Library the America gift an unparalleled portrait of Hamilton in his very own words, charting his meteoric rise, his controversial tenure as treasury secretary, and also his scandalous last years—all finishing in his well known duel with Aaron Burr. Selected and also introduced through acclaimed historian Joanne B. Freeman, The Essentail Hamilton is a reader’s execution of the founding Father"s public writings and also private letters, plus the correspondence in between Burr and also Hamilton that led to their duel and two conflict eyewitness accounts of your fatal encounter.

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, editor, is professor of history and American research studies at Yale University and a leading authority on Hamilton and also his world. Writer of the award-winning work of Honor: national Politics in the brand-new Republic and also a co-host that the popular background podcast BackStory, she has showed up in plenty of PBS American experience documentaries, and, an ext recently, in the an excellent Performances documentary “Hamilton’s America.”

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Table of Contents

Introduction xiiiThe West Indies, The Revolution, and the Confederation, 1769-1786 1To Edward Stevens, November 11, 1769: "My ambition Is Prevalent" 3To The imperial Danish American Gazette, September 6, 1772: Account that a Hurricane 4A complete Vindication of the actions of the Congress, December 15, 1774 7To john Jay, November 26, 1775: The peril of Trusting in Virtue 40To john Jay, in march 14, 1779: Enlisting slaves as Soldiers 43To john Laurens, c. April 1779: Hope because that a wife 45To man Laurens, January 8, 1780: "I Am no Fit for This Terrestreal Country" 48To Elizabeth Schuyler, respectable 1780: "Examine Well her Heart" 50To James Duanc, September 3, 1780: "The Defects that Our present System" 53To Elizabeth Schuyler, September 25, 1780: The Plight of Mrs. Arnold 70To Elizabeth Schuyler, October 2, 1780: The Fate of major André 72To Margarita Schuyler, January 21, 1781: Advice about Marriage 73To Philip Schuyler, February 18, 1781: A Break with Washington 74To James McHenry, February 18, 1781: Washington will Repent His Ill-Humour 77The Continentalist No. III, respectable 9, 1781 78To George Washington, February 13, 1785: The prospect of a Mutiny 83To James Hamilton, June 22, 1785: "I feel All the emotion of a Brother" 85Framing and also Ratifying the structure 1787-1789 87Plan the Government, c. June 18, 1787 89Speech in the constitution Convention top top a setup of Government, June 18, 1787 91To George Washington, July 3, 1787: "The crucial Opportunity" 106Conjectures around the new Constitution, c. So late September 1787 107The Federalist No. 1, October 27, 1787 110The Federalist No. 15, December 1, 1787 114The Federalist No. 35, January 5, 1788 122The Federalist No. 70, march 15, 1788 128To James Madison, might 19, 1788: Coordinating a project 136The Federalist No. 78, may 28, 1788 137The Federalist No. 84, might 28, 1788 145Speech in the new York Ratifying Convention ~ above Interests and also Corruption, June 21, 1788 155To George Washington, September 1788: Convincing Washington to offer 161To George Washington, might 5, 1789: Presidential Etiquette 163Secretary the the Treasury, 1789-1795 167To Lafayette, October 6, 1789: "I peril Much" 169To Henry Lee, December 1, 1789: "Suspicion Is ever Eagle Eyed" 171From Report on windy Credit, January 9, 1790 171Opinion ~ above the Constitutionality that a nationwide Bank, February 23, 1791 186To Philip A. Hamilton, December 5, 1791: "A Promise have to Never it is in Broken" 218To Edward Carrington, might 26, 1792: "A Faction Decidedly hostile to Me" 219An American No. I, respectable 4, 1792 235To George Washington, September 9, 1792: Responding come a Plea for peace 240To one Unknown Correspondent, September 26, 1792: an Embryo-Casar 242Draft that a Defense the the Neutrality Proclamation, c. May 1793 243Pacificus No. I, June 29, 1793 249To Andrew G. Fraunccs, October 1, 1793: "Contemptible as You Are" 257To Angelica Hamilton, e. November 1793: Advice to a Daughter 258Tully No. III, august 28, 1794 258To Angelica Church, October 23, 1794: "Wicked Insurgents of the West" 260To Angelica Church, December 8, 1794: "A Politician, and an excellent for Nothing" 261Memorandum ~ above the French Revolution, 1794 262To George Washington, February 3, 1795: Resigning from Office 264Federalist Leader and also Attorney, 1795-1804 267To Rufus King, February 23, 1795: A risk to the general public Credit 269To Robert Troup, April 13, 1795: "Public Fools" 270Memorandum on the design for Seal that the united States, c. Might 1796 271To George Washington, July 30, 1796: A breeze of the Farewell address 273To wilhelm Hamilton, might 2, 1797: advent to an Uncle 290The "Reynolds Pamphlet," respectable 25, 1797 293To Elizabeth Hamilton, November 19, 1798: "My great Genius" 320To Theodore Sedgwick, February 2, 1799: The problem of Virginia 321To James McHenry, march 18, 1799: Displaying stamin "Like a Hercules" 323To Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, December 22, 1799: The death of Washington 323To Martha Washington, January 12, 1800: "So Heart-Rending one Affliction" 324To man Jay, might 7, 1800: one Electoral Stratagem 325To Theodore Sedgwick, may 10, 1800: Withdrawing support from Adams 327To man Adams, respectable 1, 1800: an answer to one Accusation 328To wilhelm Jackson, august 26, 1800: "The many Humiliating Criticism" 328Rules because that Philip Hamilton, 1800 330To Gouverneur Morris, December 26, 1800: Jefferson over Burr 331To man Rutledge Jr., January 4, 1801: Anxiety around the choice 331To James A. Bayard, January 16, 1801: Burr has actually "No resolved Theory" 335To Gouverneur Morris, February 29, 1802: "Mine Is one Odd Destiny" 340To Benjamin Rush, in march 29, 1802: The death of Philip Hamilton 342To James A. Bayard, April 1802: The Christian Constitutional society 342To Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, December 29, 1802: "Refuge that a Disappointed Politician" 346To Elizabeth Hamilton, in march 17, 1803: "A world Full of Evil" 347To Timothy Pickering, September 16, 1803: Explaining & plan of government 348The Duel, 1804 351From Aaron Burr, June 18, 1804: beginnings of a conflict 353To Aaron Burr, June 20, 1804: declining to Avow or Disavow 355From Aaron Burr, June 21, 1804: new Reasons for a Definite answer 357To Aaron Burr, track 22, 1804: "Expressions Indecorous and Improper" 358From Aaron Burr, June 22, 1804: "The Course i Am around to Pursue" 358Response come a Letter from wilhelm P. Valve Ness, June 28, 1804 359Statement regarding Financial Situation, July 1, 1804 360To Elizabeth Hamilton, July 4, 1804: "Fly come the Bosom of your God" 363Statement about the Duel v Burr, c. July 10, 1804 364To Theodore Sedgwick, July 10, 1804: "Our genuine Disease; i beg your pardon Is Democracy" 366To Elizabeth Hamilton, July 10, 1804: An obligation Owed 367Joint explain by william P. Van Ness and Nathaniel Pendleton, July 17, 1804 368Statement by Nathaniel Pendleton, July 19, 1804 369Statement by wilhelm P. Van Ness, July 21, 1804 371Chronology 375Note top top the texts 392Notes 396Index 415