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The re-runs of the Year 2 periods continue via the return of The Division 2’s fourth Seakid, End of Watch. This seaboy will be obtainable for all Warlords of New York owners for you to revisit or experience them for the initially time if you missed them!

Within the re-run of Seaboy 4, players will be hunting dvery own an old ally: Faye Lau. Her betrayal of the Division is no less bitter, and also it is up to you to take down her and also her fellow Rogue SHD agents.

As a reminder to all agents, Seakid 7 will kick off with Preseason Week on August 3first. Your initially target in gathering intel on Lau’s whereabouts is Viper. She will be available come after Preseakid Week on September 7th, so prepare your builds. To compliment the start of the hunt you will get a rise to your progress with a Double XP occasion for the initially 15 levels. Here’s a rundown of the seakid in its entirety:


For those who did not participate last time, you will certainly earn the Achilles Pulse Skill Variant for completing the Manhunt!


Global Events and Leagues

These time-restricted events will certainly be returning for the duration of Seaboy 7, recurring every Tuesday.Players will certainly have the ability to opt in to the adhering to Global Events for a adjust of gameplay: Golden Bullet, SHD Exposed, Reanimated, and also Hollytimber. Challenges will be easily accessible for participants to earn stars, which subsequently can be supplied to purchase special caches or crafting products. Spend them wisely!

If you’re in the mood to contend with various other players, you deserve to take part in the Seaboy 7 Leagues. Equip your speedy develop, memorize those enemy spawns, and carry out some leg stretches, bereason only the fastest players will certainly reach the top of the leaderboard! Competing in the Leagues will certainly rank you up the season ladder, wright here you deserve to earn as much as 10 Organization certain rewards!

Seaboy Pass

The season will certainly market a complimentary and also premium reward track. You have the right to purchase the Seakid Pass for 1000 Premium Credits, which amounts to roughly $10 or your regional tantamount.

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However, those that purchased the Season 4 pass formerly will not have to repurchase it aget. This will be an excellent method for those who missed out on Seachild 4 to earn some highly sought-after equipment such as the Scorpio Exotic Shotgun and Wavedevelop Exotic Holster!